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Liberum Capital is an Investment Bank based in London and New York and was founded in 2007

The organisation is fast expanding, with an annual turnover of £50m+ and aims to provide a different style of broking, in an industry where both clients and staff are often treated poorly.

The Challenge

Liberum Capital process highly sensitive information through their print estate, making it vital to have secure infrastructure and processes in place to prepare for the GDPR legislation coming into effect in 2018.

Liberum’s print fleet consisted of a number of HP single-function printers with varying contracts, along with a few devices supplied by DMC Canotec. This mixed assembly of devices was almost impossible to manage and the print output was obscure. Liberum engaged with DMC Canotec explaining that it was growing very rapidly and desperately needed a cohesive managed print service solution: the Company also needed to review its purchasing strategy on toners, because sourcing and ordering toners for this range of different devices was very expensive and consumed far too much time.

The essence of the brief we had to meet was that Liberum, with multiple desktop devices, had to have full visibility and effective management of its print fleet, security measures keep sensitive information safe, along with just one single supplier for all devices.

Action Taken

First, DMC Canotec undertook a full audit of all Liberum Capital’s devices and departments to ascertain the key issues and also engaged with the Company’s IT Department to gain a full understanding of all ‘pain points’ and the specific needs of this fast-growing business.

The Solution

A new upgraded fleet of Canon MFD’s were installed, replacing all older devices, along with a new host of uniFlow linked HP desktop devices, all on fully managed print service contracts.

7 out of 10 businesses have suffered print-related data breaches caused by documents left on print trays, scanned documents sent to the wrong person, or data left on old printer hard drives. The installation of uniFLOW now allows for secure printing from any device within the network

Since this implementation, Liberum Capital now has full visibility and control over costs and print processes. The IT Department can now carry out effective monitoring and ascertain each staff member’s print volume, with complete control over all printing.

In addition, Liberum Capital now benefits from automatic toner ordering and service calls, circumventing the need for time-consuming toner sourcing and freeing up staff time, enabling them to focus on more important and productive tasks.

“With the help of DMC Canotec, Liberum have introduced Canon UniFlow to provide secure printing, the solution resulted in reduction of print costs, the ability to perform usage and cost analysis.”

David Boulton

IT, Liberum Capital

The Benefit

  • Reduced costs on new HP single function printers
  • New MFD’s with greater functionality
  • Secure Follow-Me print ensuring that critical information is not left unattended at the device, reducing the risk of data breaches
  • Colour management with EFi/Fiery
  • Full service level agreements
  • Visibility over cost and volumes
  • Automatic service calls and toner ordering

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