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Realise a 30 – 40% reduction in print costs, improve reliability of print output and boost productivity

Construction, Manufacturing services & DMC Canotec

Our approach looks at the broader issues of managing the flow of information in the construction sector. By streamlining workflow and processes, it’s possible to reduce the need for printed documents, so cutting costs and saving time.

Through our managed print service, you can control quality and quantity of output from a fleet of well maintained printers, allowing your people to stay focused and work efficiently and reliably. Our 3D Printview system, accessed via an online portal, gives you all the management information you need to monitor usage, control budgets and automate maintenance.

Reduce costs

Print less, produce less waste and allocate print to the most efficient printer

Drive efficiencies throughout the business

Automate processes, reduce administration time, increase productivity and keep staff on task

Improve reliability and productivity

Currently achieving 99.8% uptime across the entire DMC fleet. Staff can work competently, meet deadlines and provide reliable customer service

Enhance quality of print

Correctly specified, reliable devices meet specific print needs for different sizes and colour output

DMC Canotec in action


Printing Documents? Let’s Print Buildings

We have all heard about 3D-printing by now. The technology of printing something in three dimensions is not new. But how exactly does it work? And more importantly, how could 3D-printing affect the construction industry?

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The Future of 3D Printing in Construction

It has been for some time now that the concept of 3D printing has been doing rounds. The use of 3D printing in actuality, and the way it is being adapted in the construction industry, is now on the verge of being a reality for sure.

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