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Smart working for the legal sector. Optimise use of space, processes and people to increase efficiency and productivity, tighten document security and streamline workflow.

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Case notes, completion bibles, trial bundles, client correspondence, witness statements… the list goes on, and so does the demand for paper. DMC Canotec works with legal firms to cut swathes through their costs, implement robust business processes and improve overall performance.

It helps firms meet client deadlines and SLA’s by improving response times so jobs are completed in less time and become more profitable. Fee earners can share knowledge, collaborate and work more efficiently from wherever they are, allowing for flexible working practices.

Improve confidentiality

Controlled print output ensures ownership of all documents. Reduced risk or client file contamination

Control costs

Significant reduction in waste and therefore cost of print, paper and supplies, improve environmental credentials

Enhance reliability

Uninterrupted printing from a managed fleet of printers with automated maintenance schedules for maximum uptime

Reduce waste

Share documents and information without the need to print, reducing demand for paper and improving your environmental credentials

DMC Canotec in action


The Less Paper Law Firm

Perhaps your law firm’s paper consumption is the elephant in the room?   You know it’s there, it’s huge, it costs a fortune, it’s not efficient and it takes effort to manage and control, but it needs to be tackled. Despite the benefits of... read more

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DMC Canotec is committed to consistently providing high quality products and customer service. For more details, ask us about our accreditations.

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