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Getting to know your business, its workflow and printing needs

Audit services & DMC Canotec

Our consultants effectively become an extension of your own team, acquiring all the information they need via a series of discovery activities, workshops and interviews with key stakeholders. Pilots and proofs of concepts are encouraged to allow users to get used to the changes and to identify any small details that need adapting or can be improved.

Once new systems are implemented, we provide ongoing support and conduct a series of reviews to ensure everyone is happy, and make further refinements where necessary. We’re keen to gain ‘buy-in’ from all members of staff, and will work alongside your teams to ensure they understand the benefits of the changes, feel motivated to adopt new working processes and are at ease with their new ways of working.

Increased efficiencies improve productivity

Through more efficient workflows and carefully specified printers, access to information will be easier and people will spend more time on important, productive work.

Reduced costs

You’ll gain a competitive edge from big cost savings, reducing waste and making workflow more time and cost efficient.

Enabling cultural change

Our consultants are experienced in change management and understand how to engage and motivate staff to achieve smooth integration of new working practices.

Ongoing support and refinement

We’ll review your systems regularly, making further refinements to improve business process efficiencies in any way possible.

DMC Canotec in action


Canon uniFLOW 2018 LTS

Gain Control of Office Printing and profit from Document Scanning Workflows with just one Platform
uniFLOW provides a single modular system which comprises office printing, document scanning, mobile printing, device management and production printing. This means, there is only one system the business administrator needs to learn and support. All users, groups, rules, security permissions and cost centres are managed centralised. Office and print room printing costs can be shown clearly in one report. Time spent for maintenance and backup is significantly reduced, because all print, scan and device management functions are bundled in one system.

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Legacy IT? Flip, don’t rip

Executives demand increasingly sophisticated, real-time reports on sales and other metrics. Customers want immediate answers to their queries, seamless service and readily available information about accounts, billing and support.   The C-Suite wants information... read more

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