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Take control of print output, reduce waste and print efficiently to cut costs

It’s likely that your organisation, like most, has a higher than necessary print overhead. Taking control and increasing accountability will put the brakes on unnecessary waste, whilst giving you the facility to monitor costs, allocate them to jobs and recover expenditure if possible. Typically you can expect to achieve print savings of 30 – 40% with a DMC Canotec managed print fleet.

By tailoring your print fleet to the needs of the organisation, it’s possible to apply rules to document output, control colour use and route larger, more costly jobs to the most appropriate devices. In addition, accountability and visibility encourage users to think before they print.

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Improving Your Document Security

When it comes to safeguarding document security, the challenge for SMBs is there are too many information touch points throughout a business’s processes that introduce risk while generating, using, and sharing documents with staff, customers, and others.

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Control and accountability and DMC Canotec

Reducing print output can require a cultural change in an environment where print is often seen as ‘free’ and there are no controls. Implementing print monitoring and control systems from DMC Canotec will allow you to take control, apply new printing protocols that encourage your people to only print when necessary.

3D Printview, our free management and reporting tool accessed via a bespoke online portal, gives you a real time view of what exactly is being printed across your fleet. Additional tools can deliver further detail on what is being printed, when and by whom, leading to increased ownership and responsibility for print whilst ensuring work stays within budget.

By configuring our print management systems to support the direct needs of your organisation, greater efficiency and accountability will be embedded throughout, cutting time and waste, reducing costs and improving document security.

Improved budgeting and cost management

Know how much print costs per page, and allocate costs to jobs, projects and departments while recovering costs more accurately

Reduced costs

Direct control over print output, increased awareness and ownership of print and allocation of jobs to the most efficient printers will reduce costs

Reduced waste

Cut 20% of your print volume by only printing when necessary, eliminate unnecessary email threads from printed emails, identify and control heavy print users and prevent colour printing unless needed

Increased monitoring and control

Reverse a free and easy print culture by introducing ownership of all print output and allocating budgets by department or project

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