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document-management-170Document Management

Scan, share, file and retrieve documents across multiple sites, work smart, save time and cut costs

Document management & DMC Canotec

A fully integrated, user-friendly document management system will free up your people to work more productively, saving time, boosting morale and making a difference to your bottom line. We’ll work with you to integrate digital document management with your existing systems for smooth implementation and provide training to facilitate worry-free adoption by all your staff.

Your people will be able to work more effectively with access to the information they need when they need it. Sales teams will have access to customer details to allow them to provide a more informed and helpful service; they’ll have all the information they need to sell more successfully.

Your office environment will be much tidier with a lot less paper lying around. It helps portray a professional image and it’s great for your environmental credentials.

Reduce costs

An efficient, more productive workforce will reduce time spent per task, cutting costs per job

Increase productivity

Instant access to information when needed, no searching for lost files or waiting for document retrieval from archives

Improve customer service

Provide a faster, more accurate and responsive service to customer queries

Added security

Use authorised access levels to control flow of documents, protect confidentialities and adhere to industry standards

DMC Canotec in action


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