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scanning-workflow-170Document Scanning & Workflow

Remove bottlenecks, streamline workflow and cut costs through automated routing and distribution of documents.

Automated scanning and recognition of documents allows information to be moved between departments without delays or human intervention. It speeds up workflow, reducing costs, improving response times and allowing your organisation to improve customer service and productivity.

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Document Scanning and Workflow and DMC Canotec

Manual processes are replaced with an efficient system for handling large volumes of paper and electronic documents. Through seamless integration with your existing systems, including your accounting software, we can work with you to create an automated workflow that is designed specifically for the needs of your business. 

Any standard forms such as time sheets, invoices, expense sheets, membership forms and regular business documents are automatically routed for approvals and further action according to your set criteria. You can also match invoices against purchase orders before being passed for payment.

You can expect to see a dramatic increase in productivity, freeing up staff time whilst giving them the tools to be more responsive to customers’ needs.

Document scanning and workflow is the single most effective way to cut costs, delivering a significant competitive edge for your organisation through efficient, streamlined business operations.

Reduce costs

Achieve a real competitive edge with streamlined business processes that save time, boost productivity and increase profitability

Increase efficiency

Release staff from mundane administration tasks to boost productivity and provide better customer service

Replace manual processes

Automate existing systems for handling paper and electronic documents, save time and money

Batch scan documents

Speed up processing of information and route to users in a fraction of the time

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