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Match print, copy and scanning needs with efficiently managed print hardware

Use Multi Functional Devices (MFD’s) to help move documents around the organisation and make them available for personnel wherever they are. From distributing scanned documents via the network or email, to routing incoming mail to the right department, it’s possible to streamline movement of business information, saving time and reducing print output.

It’s often possible to replace multiple printing, scanning and copying devices with a single MFD, making significant savings on cost of supplies and office space which can be put to other more productive uses.

Choose from a selection of scanners and printers as single units or as part of an overall print suite to match the needs of the organisation as economically as possible, reducing waste, improving quality of print and reliability of output. Add additional features as the business grows, including secure, authorised printing only, and printing from remote locations to any device.

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Improving Your Document Security

When it comes to safeguarding document security, the challenge for SMBs is there are too many information touch points throughout a business’s processes that introduce risk while generating, using, and sharing documents with staff, customers, and others.

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MFDs, printers and copiers and DMC Canotec

You can choose to buy MFD’s, scanners and copiers or lease them from us. We have no allegiance to any single manufacturer which means we will recommend the most appropriate equipment to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

If you choose to lease, you will benefit from an all-inclusive fixed charge for maintenance of your devices. This includes automated replacement of toner cartridges and paper on a ‘needs-must’ basis, so you don’t hold unnecessary stock, yet won’t risk running out.

Our bespoke software 3DPrintview allows you access to management information for each device, and sends alerts to us when supplies are running low so each MFD, printer or copier is run as efficiently as possible, keeping costs under control.

Reduced costs

MFD’s distribute documents without the need to print and cost less to run than the numerous devices they replace.

Improved print quality

The latest technologies provide excellent print quality and reliability of output.

Improved productivity

MFD’s make workflows more efficient, speeding up processes. Reliable functionality from DMC Canotec achieves 99.8% uptime across the entire managed fleet.

Improved budgeting and control

Manage budgets more easily with a fixed, all-inclusive cost for devices, including supplies. Manage internal budgets via device or department.

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DMC Canotec is committed to consistently providing high quality products and customer service. For more details, ask us about our accreditations.

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