A New Partnership with CMAE


A New Partnership with CMAE

With a significant number of Member clubs already putting their printing, scanning, document & information management needs in their hands, DMC Canotec are pleased to be committing to a long lasting and fruitful partnership with all of our members. Their mission is to help each and every member club save time, effort and money when it comes to capturing, creating, managing and distributing documents and information.

DMC Canotec is a National provider of Best Practice, “Less Paper” Document and Imaging technology for Canon, HP, Nuance, Readsoft and many others. They focus on simplifying & de-cluttering document processes, cutting unnecessary time and effort and cost whilst improving member services. Their goal for CMAE is to cut 30% of waste and cost from current services for any member that partners with them.

DMC Canotec are keen to share experiences and best practice between CMAE members so that what works well for one club can be shared with others. In the true spirit of a long term partnership they are also re-investing 5% of any spend back into The European Club Education Foundation.

“We are really excited about our long term partnership commitment to CMAE and all the member clubs we hope to help, even if it’s just fresh ideas and thinking. Our work with several member clubs so far has delivered great improvement and returns for the clubs and helped us to understand how we can help others.” Says DMC Canotec and CMAE http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy/tramadol Partnership Manager, James Overton.

“We want the partnership to deliver measurable improvement to the bottom line and operational efficiency. We know how important time is to the club managers, so anything we can do to help them be more effective and improve information management is worth sharing, The CMAE member Portal will be a key part of that sharing of Best Practice” added DMC Canotec Director, David Newman

“Engagement is key and our consultative team will be working closely with CMAE members to help them address their own challenges. Our member survey is the start point to delivering on what matters to each club at an individual level and sharing the feedback and findings through our CMAE Member Portal can only help others understand what is possible and help us tailor further our services around the specific challenges of document and information management within the clubs. That way we can help deliver meaningful and valuable improvement” added James.
Marc Newey, CMAE Vice President, is thrilled that CMAE are partnering DMC Canotec:

“We are pleased to use DMC at Roehampton Club and have made massive savings over the last few years on our print costs so I was keen to introduce James and his team to my fellow Club Managers in CMAE to benefit them all as well.”

For more information on DMC Canotec’s Services please call- 020 8253 4674

James Overton, Direct Sales Manager

020 8688 4243