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The Agile Christmas Advent Calendar

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An Agile Christmas

Throughout December we will be sharing insights, resources and tips to help you understand how the adoption of agile working practices can deliver significant returns and improvement across all elements of your organisation.

Discover how to create & protect value in an age of disruption.

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Day 2


In a digital age that is defined by speed, collaboration and experimentation, bold new approaches are called for to drive digital innovation at scale. Find out why tech-enabled agile working is a new office phenomenon

Watch the Video


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Day 3


Changing market dynamics present opportunities for legal firms that are willing to challenge conventional thinking, take risks and innovate. Learn how your practice can gain the edge in an ever-changing and competitive market.

Download our infographic ‘The top five drivers of legal change’

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Day 4


Why is it we need extreme weather combined with commuting chaos, to remind us that there is a smarter and more effective way to enable the workforce today

Read the article


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Day 5


In an increasingly competitive market, tech-savvy consumers are compelling even the most risk-averse, conservative law firms to ‘go digital’

Make the case for change & download our whitepaper


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Day 6


In a market renowned for tradition rather than innovation, asb law shows that medium sized practices are often the most willing to embrace change.

Take a closer look at how asb law are going digital


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Day 7


Nobody understands the importance of an exceptional, tailored customer experience more than jolly old Saint Nick.

Read why St. Nick is our festive Information Hero


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Day 8


Because HR touches every aspect—and every employee—of an organisation, its agile transformation may be even more extensive than the changes in other functions.

Find out where we’re seeing the biggest changes


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Day 9


Is your firm ready for digital transformation; where are you on the digital curve?

5 digital trends changing the face of legal services


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Day 10


By connecting people & technology, we can give you the tools to achieve operational agility and profitable growth.

Watch our video to see how we can help


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Day 11


There are undoubted benefits to expanding agile techniques beyond the IT department, but careful planning is essential.

Make your business more agile, one step at a time


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Day 12


As the legal industry transitions toward mass adoption of mobile apps and voice-activated assistants, even modest technology upgrades have transformed the way legal professionals engage clients.

Read our article on agile practices In the Legal services industry


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Day 13


Make sure your practice has a shared vision of your digital future.

Read our article on what going digital looks like


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Day 14


Many legal companies are anticipating how their approach to workspace might have to change and trialling new ways of working.

Read why firms are finally embracing the agile workplace


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Day 15


High-powered mobile devices and mobile-friendly applications have freed us to work wherever and whenever we like.

DMC Canotec delivers agile working


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Day 16


Your business spends approximately £170 per employee on paper every year. Paper-driven processes are hurting your bottom line.

Find out how to simplify your document journey


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Day 17


A great deal of lip service has been paid to agile working for law firms but has any of it really been turned into action?

Agile working – is it working for you?


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Day 18


Millennials are redefining the legal industry; pressing for technological and culture change, Millennials are challenging law firms to reassess their business practices to keep pace with the changing world around them.

Read our article One in a Million? The Millennial takeover


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Day 19


What is Agile Working? How does it differ from flexible working and other terms often encompassed by the phrase “new ways of working”?

Read more about how the Agile Organisation is defining it.


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Day 20


Don’t stifle employees with a rigid office set-up. Flexibility and team work are where it’s at for forward-looking businesses

Find out the secret to agile working


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Day 21


An agile organisation is one that can readily adapt to changing circumstances, rapidly reassess and respond to changing supply and demand situations, and innovate to challenge and change the dynamics of the market places and sectors in which they choose to work.

Read the Agile Agenda


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Day 22


Is it possible for a disruptive and potentially game-changing start-up to take root inside a giant corporation?

Watch the TED talk, Being agile in an un-agile place


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Day 23


Just how does agile working differ from flexible working?

Read our article on flexible vs agile working


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Day 24


T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house. No fee earner was stirring, or clicking their mouse…

Watch our exclusive Agile Christmas animation.


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Xmas is coming!

We wanna celebrate with you that xmas is almost here and so we are offering you this special gift. Go and download it!


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