Better Communication – CMAE Tribal Tuesday

Better Communication – CMAE Tribal Tuesday

My most recent CMAE event was a training session covering ‘Managing Meetings’ and ‘Opening Communication Flows’.  I was struck by the discovery that the two-word phrase which the club managers were most concerned about was ‘better communication’.

Good communication is crucial within the Member Club environment, an aim hard to achieve in any field and one which becomes more challenging, the larger the business becomes, especially when a number of different locations are involved, as is the case of the CMAE.

In my job, I have the pleasure of both using and selling the products we use in-house, in our business.   I work with any number of different concerns to implement improved, more productive flows of communication, providing information which must be quickly and effectively circulated amongst all interested parties.

Distributing information and different types of communication throughout a business can be done in a number of different ways and, in order to improve this process, we digitise such information, greatly enhancing efficiency overall.  Implementing a document management system permits the storage and retrieval of data from just one location, electronically. Clearly, what may be seen as comparatively sluggish manual processes, can be transformed by the implementation of electronic workflows.

Completing manual processes can be both time-consuming and laborious, whatever the business field involved and sometimes information can become lost or marooned within a workflow:  this will usually take a disproportionate amount of time and effort to resolve and often http://www.texasgoldengirl.com/yasmin/ communication completely breaks down, since there might be no clues as to the location or magnitude of the fault. With a digital process involving a number of different departments, all users can access information wherever they are and whenever this is needed.

The implementation of digital systems always improves productivity by allowing significantly better communication. The time it takes to retrieve information will reduce by around 85%, increasing staff efficiency and, by virtue of this, allowing a possible reduction in staffing levels.  Audit trails and the visibility of documents being stored, retrieved or circulated throughout the business, ensures that these processes become far more streamlined and can also be carried out, even if the staff member involved is not at his or her desk.

Accessing information ‘on the go’ also reduces the time being spent preparing for meetings or documenting minutes, because all the information necessary can be accessed from a laptop or tablet or Smartphone.

For me, implementing this practice has allowed both myself and the team to be able to work more efficiently, both in and out of the office. The task of preparing for a meeting has been transformed from something that was a burden to something which now takes me a matter of mere minutes.  Information I may require for my meetings is found at the touch of a button and any notes taken, I now save and consult whenever needed.  This allows me to spend more time on other important tasks, ensuring that the whole team and I work more closely and far more efficiently.

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