Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech

Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech

As we near the end of October, a month that held Ada Lovelace Day and the Day of The Girl and saw trends on social media including #WomenInTech, #GenderPayGap and #Equality, it is becoming ever clearer that the gender gap within our own industry is something that can no longer be ignored.

October highlighted to the masses that there is a significant lack of women within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) sectors. But why is there such an underrepresentation of women within these fields? Well, to an extent you can answer this for yourself…

Think of an engineer, a technician and a scientist. What comes to mind? If you’re picturing three men in a hard hat, a boiler suit and a white lab coat respectively, then just like a google image search, you have a stereotypical view of these professions.

These stereotypes, along with a degree of gender bias, may just explain why so few women pursue a job in STEM industries.


At DMC Canotec, we believe that more needs to be done by employers within our industry to encourage women to build their career in Tech. With this said, DMC Canotec is proactively seeking ways in which we can change in order to be more appealing to female employees. We strive to build on our female staff’s skillsets and confidence with the aim of closing the gender gap in what is traditionally considered to be a predominantly male led industry.

We are exploring avenues of flexible and agile working to reduce many of the barriers that may prevent women from entering a career within our industry. By encouraging female staff to work from home or adjust their working hours to accommodate for family life and domestic responsibilities, it can negate the need for individuals to be forced into part time work. Although this is a popular method of balancing work-life commitments, part time work can often result in suppressed career progression and working below skill levels. Additionally, more organisations are offering enhanced maternity pay along with a range of other company benefits, something that could be the swing factor for many women when looking to start a career within a business.

With lifestyles in the 21st century as they are, it is important for employers and policymakers to adapt to these changing needs in order to utilise the full range of resources and skills across society.


DMC Canotec has a vested interest in growing talent from within, with some of our greatest success stories of career progression coming from our female staff members. The business offers a number of NVQ based roles, with the aim of building on existing skillsets and encouraging young females to join our team with clear career development opportunities. In addition, the business is offering Graduate schemes that will cement a foundation for a career in multiple areas of our business including IT, Professional Services, Solution Sales and Finance. To promote this to female audiences, DMC Canotec have attended events such as Barclays’ Women in Business Seminar and Networking event, for female business students at The University of Greenwich.

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