Car parts distributor save over £3,500 p.a


Car parts distributor save over £3,500 p.a

The client is car parts distributor Border Holdings, based in Shropshire. The business was looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs by utilising one provider and undertaking a managed print service agreement.

The Challenge

The key issue the client faced was an abundance of unmanaged printers from a variety of different manufacturers. They were also reliant on these manufacturers for all maintenance and repairs and thus the service response time they received was often just under a week. Furthermore, there was no cost transparency and thus no real understanding of how much their fleet was costing them due to their lack of a service contract and no single consumables supplier.

The Objectives

The main objective of the firm was to understand how much they were spending on printing and then ultimately try to reduce this by both purchasing cheaper consumables and replacing inefficient machines. Previously the client had a large number of printers from a variety of different manufacturers and was looking to streamline their fleet whilst not decreasing output. However, the client was also not looking to make a large amount of capital investment, instead wanted to spread the cost over the duration of any agreement.

The Solution

DMC had a pre-existing relationship with the client and already served a small number of their larger machines. Through this relationship we were able to observe their printing environment, realising there was potential to save the client money.

To begin, a full print audit was conducted revealing the inefficiencies within the current fleet. Interviews were held with the client’s employees identifying key user issues, to gain a greater understanding of the solution required. The previous costs were assessed before an overall analysis was undertaken.

Following the print audit, we looked to manage their current fleet of printers instead of replacing every machine for new, this spread the cost for the client and we were still able to achieve a lower cost per copy. However, a long-term plan to replace all inefficient machines was also implemented, installing cost, and energy efficient Canon kit when required and logical to do so. A comprehensive service plan was put in place with a targeted response time of under 4 hours; this was a valued improvement over their previous processes.

Overall, we were also able to offer over £3500 worth of savings in their first year whilst providing an increased level of service and rises in efficiency. The client also benefited from having only one point of communication making all printing issues easier and quicker to resolve.

“DMC provide a fast, reliable service which has not only reduced our overall printing costs but has also removed the headaches of maintaining supplies and fixing faults.”

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