Charitable theatre group save £1000 p.a


Charitable theatre group save £1000 p.a

Forest forge is a travelling theatre company based in Ringwood, Hampshire and is of charitable status.

As a small charitable business with fewer than 30 members of staff, the organisation boasts its reputation of being one of the UK’s leading small scale theatre companies. The firm has been performing for over 30 years, and has established a well respected reputation within the industry.

The Challenge

Due to the fact that Forest Forge is a registered charity with a limited budget, cost cutting measures were becoming an essential for the organisation.

With an ageing print device in place, the company found that their print costs were significantly increasing and print quality was becoming poor.

With Forest Forge’s sterling reputation at risk, the firm wished to maintain consistency with their high quality performances across all levels. The poor quality print output was affecting this image and therefore it became essential for Forest Forge to outsource many of their customer facing documents.

The Solution

Following a regular account review with http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/tramadol Forest Forge, DMC Canotec established a number of issues with the firm’s existing device.

This changed the focus of the meeting to establishing how the efficiency of Forest Forge’s printing could be improved. DMC Canotec was able to upgrade Forest Forge’s existing device to a high quality colour device, resulting in the ability to produce a much higher standard of document. The theatre company’s new Kyocera TaskAlfa 2551ci negated the need for outsourcing a number of their print jobs, a previously essential task for the firm.

DMC Canotec’s approach to Forest Forge’s issues allowed them to discover that the theatre company were having to outsource many of their customer facing documents. As a result DMC Canotec was able to put a solution in place that simplified the current workflows and reduced costs, enabling the firm to self produce many of their documents.

 Drivers for Change

  • Expensive management of devices
  • Fleet of ageing printers
  • Time consuming toner ordering
  • Poor print security
  • No visibility or control over print

The Benefit

  • Efficient invoice processing system
  • Reduced wastage & paper consumption
  • Improved document security
  • Unified print fleet from a single provider
  • Greater visibility over devices across 3 sites
  • Managed desktop fleet with a unified cost per page across all the club’s devices
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