Clean bill of health for General Practice’s print


Clean bill of health for General Practice’s print

When DMC Canotec met with the Whitehorse Practice, it was clear that their current print solution was less than ideal. Their fleet of Brother printers were proving expensive on consumables and were becoming increasingly unreliable…

The Practice Manager explained that the situation was made worse by poor service support and ignored emails for help. This resulted in faulty printers taking weeks to be replaced and even then by refurbished units.

High costs and inconvenient to staff and patients

The core output of the printers was the continuous production of prescriptions. However the current models were failing to keep up with demands, requiring prescriptions to be produced manually.

This resulted in longer appointment times and increased waiting for patients. Doctors were also having to extend their working hours to successfully treat those attending the surgery.

Orders and invoices for Toners, Drum units and Parts were proving time consuming to administer and track. Leaving the practice with mounting costs which were difficult to account for and impossible to control. Something needed to change.

Service Excellence

As an authorised Canon Partner, the DMC Group are committed to providing the very best service response and customer satisfaction. Now the Whitehorse Practice benefits from a 4 hr Service Response.

A unified canon printer fleet

DMC Canotec replaced a mixed selection of models to a single robust model from Canon. All the print consumables were then the same which reduced stock holding and its associated costs. Also the staff only needed to learn one new model.

Transparent costs

The printers were supplied on a fixed price rental system and the service costs billed quarterly based on actual metered usage. Less invoices with known trackable costs and an estimated saving of £14,000 over five years.

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