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Control Print and Document Management Costs

Control costs

Our business intelligence helps you fully control your print and document related costs, reduce wastage and introduce user accountability.

Gain full control of your print costs and document workflows.

The vast majority of businesses don’t monitor their printing or document management habits.

This means they have no idea how much document production is costing them or which activities are the biggest drain on resources.

Reducing the use of tangible items such as paper and toner are clear opportunities for cost savings.

However, easily forgotten costs such as wasted hours searching for poorly archived documents, slow paper-based approval processes, or the storage of physical documents, are substantial opportunities for additional cost reductions. 

Drawing on nearly 30 years’ experience in managed print and document management systems, DMC Canotec delivers intelligent solutions with which to streamline document workflows, digitally automate processes and drastically reduce your existing spending on printing activities.

Print outlays frequently account for more than 3% of annual turnover.

20% of an employee's time is typically wasted searching for documents.

Companies can expect to cut print volume by 20% by only printing when absolutely necessary.

Benefits of DMC Canotec’s cost control solutions

Control budgets

Allocate print costs against client or department with accurate reporting.

Decrease print output

Quantify the value of cutting waste and unnecessary output.

User accountability

Raise print cost awareness and in turn ownership.

Streamline workflows

Digitally automating workflows and document processes frees up time for staff to spend on revenue building tasks.

Reduce wastage

Reducing your reliance on manual paper processes and introducing user accountability, print and paper based output will be reduced.

Improve productivity 

Replace manual processes with automated workflows, freeing up staff time and improving productiveness.

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