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CWJ is a leading regional firm of Solicitors in Kent, serving private individuals, businesses and organisations, with commercial clients ranging in size from sole traders to large public companies and other institutions such as schools, charities and medical practices.


“We are constantly seeking ways to exploit current technology to improve the service we offer our clients; recognising that communication and speed of action are key factors in the modern world.”

Clarkson Wright & Jakes


This is where DMC Canotec came in…

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CWJ was experiencing slow scanning and document processing with its previous setup, as well as frequent issues with old and unreliable devices.

Replacing its 12 aging individual printers with a fleet of 8 new Canon MFDs (multifunctional devices), we helped CWJ immediately speed up their scanning activities, embrace secure printing and introduce staff print monitoring systems, all through the uniFLOW platform.

We also implemented an intelligent document management system, Paper River, to improve document processing, indexing and archiving activities.

After rolling out the solution into their workplace, CWJ have already reduced the amount of paper it uses by 10%, and this figure is likely to increase further still with continued use of the new devices and software. 50% of the firm is now paperless, with Paper River allowing employees to manage documentation quickly and efficiently in the office, as well as securely access documents while working remotely.

Challenging the traditional MPS model and promoting broader digital transformation, DMC Canotec combines workflow automation, intelligent data capture and cloud communications to help businesses control costs, maximise staff productivity and improve operational agility.

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