Digital Learning Platform Accreditation

Gain Accreditation for Leading Digital Learning Platforms

Even before the present Covid-19 crisis, one of the main priorities for education was the provision of information and resources by way of distance learning. It recognised that traditional face-to-face training packages were being overtaken by the need to provide educationalists with online support that facilitated flexible learning and which carried their own key principle of ‘Learning throughout Life’ to a much wider audience.

The DMC group has partnered with the expert education team at Aspire 2Be to provide access to AspirEd, the online e-learning and community hub, with access to comprehensive and interactive courses focussed on teaching and learning with technology. With its integrated gamification and powerful social features, it promotes end user engagement and its robust, adaptable, extendable, interactive platform functionality enables end user collaboration. Together they offer the opportunity for this digital solution to be a market leader in this sector.

Meeting the Needs of Educators 

Covering learning, digital upskill and CPD across the 3 main computer operating systems (Google, Microsoft and Apple iOS), these packages mean that from a single location, in one click parameters, the training needs, preferences and requirements of virtually every end user (school, pupil, business) can be met.


Quality online courses focussed on teaching and learning with technology


Relevant and high quality articles and resources


An online space for educators to communicate and network

AspirED is an outstanding learning technology platform which allows you to administer Apple, Google and Microsoft training modules for as little as £15 per staff member for an entire 12 months.

A whole school subscription allows all staff to access the entire site, allowing you to produce a strategic plan for whole scale continuing professional development around the ed tech agenda.

Our partnership with Aspire 2Be can also offer you direct virtual calls with their award winning team, who all have joined the company either from being award winning classroom practitioners or school leaders and government advisers themselves.

The products and services available will assist you through Covid-19 and beyond, providing your educational organisation with a flexible and instant gateway to outstanding teaching and learning courses, with technology integration at its heart.

Remote Learning Management Systems are helping educators access and deliver relevant, ready made, curriculum linked e-learning courses, that provide a solution to the key problem of improving Digital Capability, with proven, high quality products and services.

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Apple, Google & Microsoft training modules for as little as £15 per staff member for 12 months


Direct virtual calls with AspireED’s team, all award-winning ex classroom practitioners / school leaders / government advisers

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