Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems

Transform your paper files into digital and dynamic functions of your business with DMC Canotec’s document management systems.

Simplify & secure your document workflows and digitally transform your business.

Paper-based, manual tasks slow people down and cost businesses money.

A tailored DMC Canotec document management system allows you to reduce your reliance on paper and manage your digital documents more productively.

Simplifying the whole life cycle of a document, we employ market-leading multifunctional devices and cutting edge document management software to convert physical files into dynamic digital documents.

Capture, create, edit, send and receive files seamlessly, while making document archiving, retrieval and categorisation more efficient and more secure. 

When employees no longer need to physically sort, route and manage documents, they can focus on work that drives profit and growth.

On average a business spends £18 to file a document and £180 to reproduce a lost document.

15% of total revenue is typically spent handling, filing, storing and distributing paper documents.

Benefits of DMC Canotec’s document management systems

Enhanced security

Scanned and copied documents are encrypted at source to secure confidential files.

Paperless offices

Significantly reduce paper consumption and free up physical office space.

Regulatory compliance

Implement document access levels, automate file processing, encrypt documents and more.

Intelligent storage

Save time spent searching for paper documents and access digital files quickly and securely. 

Digitise incoming paper mail using intelligent document capture systems and distribute it digitally throughout your workplace.

Improved collaboration

Edit documents in real time on a secure digital platform and route files effortlessly.

Process automation

Reduce manual processes and automate document flows around your organisation. 

Time & cost savings

Protect your files from loss, destruction or theft with secure digital archiving and backup. 

Remote working

Free your staff to work and access files from anywhere, creating flexible work environments.

Paper-driven processes are slowing you down and hurting your bottom line.

Our document management clients include

Services from the DMC Group

Managed print services

Consultancy services

Telecoms & IT services

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