In a fast moving, connected world, digital transformation is improving learning in educational institutions.

A joined-up approach to print, document and information management delivers greater agility, efficiency, security and compliance in education.

As organisations grapple with the challenges of a fast-paced and hyper-connected world, digital transformation is becoming an institutional necessity.

Extending beyond teaching and learning to include every aspect of operations – from enrolment through to course evaluation and internal communications – digital transformation is a powerful tool for change.

By adopting smart managed print services to control printing output and document management systems to streamline and digitise document workflows, educational institutions can enhance the student experience, drive operational efficiency, stay relevant in the face of global competition and create mobile learning environments that reflect the world of work.

Control Costs

Typically, institutions are unaware of the full scale of their print costs, or the print volumes of specific departments, staff members and students. 

A DMC Canotec service delivers business intelligence and transparency on all printing expenses and print volumes, as well as complete control of your materials usage.

Improve Efficiency

Shift resources away from manual tasks and replace them with automated workflows to improve efficiency.

Our systems also integrate with existing software, freeing up time and money to spend on student learning.

Go Paperless

Too many institutions still rely too heavily on the exchange of paper documents to get work done. And these paper-driven processes are wasting time and money.

Innovations in digital document and data capture are helping institutions go paper-lite, and one important technique for doing so is through the use of MFDs (multifunctional devices).

Secure Your Workplace

Improve document security by assigning access levels to printers, MFDs and digital documents, preventing information inadvertently or maliciously falling into the wrong hands. Additional audit trails provide user and department accountability. 

By reducing your reliance on paper files and physical filing cabinets, student and staff records can be kept safe from damage and data breaches. 

Download our education security whitepaper and fight Cybercrime on Campus.

75% of students consider staff with digital skills an important factor when selecting their university.

40% of students say their schools’ administration systems are so outdated it impacts their available study time.

There has been a 40% increase in reported cyber crime incidents in the education sector.

Benefits of a DMC Canotec Solution

Integrate Systems

Our systems can integrate fully with your existing platforms, ensuring a continuously smooth flow of information between departments, staff and students.

Control Costs

Restricting print output and increasing personal ownership of printed documents ensures less waste across your institution.

Increase Accuracy

Intelligent document capture technology saves hours of manual processing, reducing errors and the potential for misfiling.

Embrace Mobility

Securely sharing, reviewing and printing documents from any device, anytime and anywhere, allows users to take education beyond the classroom.

Reduce Down Time

Preventative maintenance, proactive care and a well-maintained printing fleet delivers a 99.8% device uptime and a reliable service for staff and students.

Automate Systems

Smart document capture and control software replaces manual processes with automated systems, for handling forms, invoices and other documents.

Strengthen Security

By assigning access levels to documents and devices, your institution is safeguarded against breaches of confidentiality. 

Increase Visibility

With our remote device monitoring, you can track printing cost savings and implement strict print policies for users and departments.

Introduce Ownership

Reverse a free and easy print culture by introducing ownership of all print output and allocating budgets per department. 

Understand & optimise your organisation’s printing, document processing & information management habits.

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