Rather than simply adding value, tech innovation is beginning to change the way financial services work.



Canon’s integrated print and scan management solution, uniFLOW, helps to cut costs by simplifying and streamlining essential processes; approvals, for instance, can now be completed more quickly.

Automation also improves productivity, boosting your bottom line.



Industry-leading digital process automation removes the risk of human error.


Customers can trust that, in the wake of recent cyberattacks on various high-profile institutions, their privacy is your priority.



As the rapid growth of financial products and advice continue to create significant regulatory uncertainty, DMC leverages Canon technology to make compliance easier.


Fast retrieval and built-in audit trailing greatly eases your regulatory and litigation burdens, freeing employees to focus on the value-added parts of their job.


What is the best approach to document security?


Companies waste, on average, 14% of their revenue on document-related tasks and inefficient print practices.


Our Approach

Tailoring our service to meet your business needs, we can help you aggregate customer data, automate audit trails and eliminate paper-based processing delays, errors and costs.

Our Approach

Connecting people and technology, we partner with you to ensure that our solutions continue to deliver real outcomes.

We assess your device usage and printing costs, identifying opportunities for workflow optimisation.
We work with you to design an integrated hardware & software solution.
We guide you through implementation, mitigating risks and minimising disruptions.
We monitor the solution remotely, managing services proactively.
We help to ensure that, as print needs change, your document environment remains sustainable and secure.

Customer Stories

Read how DMC Canotec is helping financial service companies work smarter.

Our Technology Partners & Accreditations

Serving more than 3,000 businesses across the South, South West, London and Manchester, DMC is one of the largest independent Canon dealers in Europe; this strategic partnership has, for more than 25 years, enabled us to deliver unparalleled levels of commercial and technical support. Canon Certifications in ‘Managed Print Services’, ‘Advanced Office Imaging’, ‘Advanced Office Solutions’ and ‘Production Print’ excellence attest to both the breadth of our portfolio as well as the depth of our expertise.


To deliver even greater value to our customers, DMC also deploys document capture and workflow automation solutions from several best-in-class technology companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Mimecast, Mitel, Sophos and Nuance.

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