Financial Services

Financial Services

Innovative print and document management systems are helping financial services make a successful move to digital.

The successful financial service provider of today is fully invested in digital transformation.

Amidst a landscape of digital advancements, financial disruptors and regulatory shifts, financial services can no longer rely on legacy systems.

Distributed ledgers and fintech innovations are gaining momentum and facilitating transparent transactions, smart contracts and accurate record keeping.

It’s clear that the benefits of replacing traditional processes with superior digital tools cannot be ignored.

Intelligent managed print services, document management systems and information management solutions are helping financial service organisations embrace the current digital landscape – allowing them to control their printing costs, improve document processing efficiency, and strengthen security around their ways of working.

Control Costs

Typically, firms are unaware of the full scale of their print costs, or the print volumes of departments and individual team members.

A DMC Canotec service delivers business intelligence and transparency on all printing expenses and staff print volumes, as well as complete control of materials usage.

Improve Efficiency

By digitally automating and speeding up claims processes and account approvals, DMC Canotec will help you improve efficiency, save time and ensure the maximum productivity per account and client.

Shift strategy and resources away from manual tasks and concentrate on projects that fuel competitive advantage and profitable growth. 

Go Paperless

Too many organisations still rely on the exchange of paper forms, records and documents to get work done. And these paper-driven processes are hurting their bottom line. 

Innovations in digital document and data capture are helping organisations go paperless, and one important technique for doing so is through the use of MFDs (multifunctional devices).

Secure Your Workplace

DMC Canotec’s multilayered security features allow you to protect against unauthorised printing, copying and scanning, as well as incorporate secure document processing systems into your every day activities. 

Stay ahead of compliance with a wide range of document security solutions.

Often forgotten as a point of vulnerability in the workplace, download our guide to discover how to secure your office printers.

64% of IT managers state that their printers are likely infected with malware.

On average, an organisation will spend £90 to find a misfiled document and £180 to reproduce a lost document.

For every 100 members of staff, the average organisation generates over 1 million pages of output per year - over 100 trees.

Benefits of a DMC Canotec Solution

Secure Printing

Release print jobs while at a device with a variety of user authentication options.

Digitally Collaborate

Effortlessly make policy annotations and document redactions on a secure cloud system.

Prevent MFD Hacking

Close vulnerable device hacking entry points, encrypt printer hard drives and secure data in motion.

Improve Budgeting

Allocate print volumes & costs against account or employee, with accurate reporting.

Safeguard Files

Centralised document storage with multi-layered security and bank-level encryption.

Reduce Down Time

Our preventative maintenance and proactive care delivers a 99.8% MFD uptime.

Automate Workflows

Use sophisticated software & workflows to efficiently funnel documents through review processes.

Tackle Compliance

Assign device and document access levels to staff members to maintain client confidentiality.

Access Files Remotely

Securely access policy documents and financial reports from wherever, whenever.

Understand & optimise your organisation’s printing, document processing & information management habits.

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