Improve business performance with Hosted VoIP.

All too often, phone systems become obsolete, out of date and begin costing a business more than just revenue.


Customer service becomes compromised as clients struggle to get through or speak to the right person first time. Front line teams become overwhelmed with the number of incoming calls, or insufficient resource when colleagues work remotely. Security threats and unauthorised use, risk unexpected call charges and data breaches.


Our hosted VoIP phone for business, puts you back in control of your telecoms; offering a secure and flexible solution, with minimal upfront investment.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a superior customer experience and never miss a call.


Free up IT resources by reducing the cost and time of managing on-site systems.


Enable your employees to collaborate effectively from anywhere.


Reduce risk with built in resilience and security.


It’s not just the direct costs of your traditional phone system that are expensive.

The hidden costs are the ones that are really damaging your business.


Poor phone calls can result in lost customers.

Are yours holding you back?


Cloud Communications offers a range of advantages over outdated PBX.

Our Promise

‘Digital-first’ thinking cultivates peak performance.

DMC Canotec MPS, ‘paper-lite’ workflow automation and intelligent data capture empower you to focus on your core business.


Our solutions enable you to shift strategy and resources away from just ‘getting stuff done’ to high-value, knowledge-driven projects that fuel competitive advantage and profitable growth.


Committed to helping businesses work smarter, we provide the following key business values to our thousands of clients.

Refocus Resources to Stimulate Growth

Strategically reduce costs and enhance efficiency without compromising service quality.

Create More Customer Value

Leverage award-winning technology to create more customer value through enhanced experiences, engagement and technology adoption.

Future Proof Your Workplace

Build for the future with innovative, cost-effective services that scale with your business to improve agility, attract new talent and provide employees with the tools need to fuel productivity.

Our Technology Partners & Accreditations

Serving more than 3,000 businesses across the South, South West, London and Manchester, DMC is one of the largest independent Canon dealers in Europe; this strategic partnership has, for more than 25 years, enabled us to deliver unparalleled levels of commercial and technical support. Canon Certifications in ‘Managed Print Services’, ‘Advanced Office Imaging’, ‘Advanced Office Solutions’ and ‘Production Print’ excellence attest to both the breadth of our portfolio as well as the depth of our expertise.


To deliver even greater value to our customers, DMC also deploys document capture and workflow automation solutions from several best-in-class technology companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Mimecast, Mitel, Sophos and Nuance.

Start working smarter today.

Discover how DMC Canotec can support your first step toward digital transformation.

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