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How Business Processes Are Changing Fast


How Business Processes Are Changing Fast

How business processes are changing fast, saving time, money and resource

Document Printing & Imaging specialists DMC Canotec are leading innovators and enablers of smarter “LessPaper” office solutions. They are delighted to be an official partner to the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE), with a significant number of Members Clubs already putting their printing, scanning, document and information management needs in their hands, James Overton, Sales Manager at DMC Canotec shares his views on transforming business processes and how he is helping club managers to work smarter.

Why do you advocate less print?

We are finding that more and more Members Clubs particularly in city areas find space is at a premium. The more you print, the more you store and waste, these days it’s all about making the most of your premises and de-cluttering your office where possible.

Is digital document archiving and retrieval something that can benefit any business?

Generally yes; we find all types of businesses can benefit from moving hard paper documents into electronic format. In the legal sector, it’s about retrieving information on case matters promptly, in healthcare it’s patient records and in Sports and Private Clubs, it’s member correspondence, information and often minutes of meetings.

James Overton

James Overton

Sales Manager


DDI: 0208 253 4674

At a recent event we attended, we learned that, on average, a staff member takes up to 18 minutes to retrieve a hard copy file. Having this information available instantly, can save staff huge amounts of time and also help your business become more compliant.

Can you share some examples of how technology can benefit the sports and private Members Club sector?

Yes, the systems we implement are often about improving process. It’s never quite the same set of circumstances but by focusing on where a club is losing time, we can help it’s staff become more efficient, enabling them to do more. For example, we have helped finance managers with teams who are swamped by processing invoices, to automate this process. This allows the team do deal with more pressing issues, like chasing membership fees and renewals, in order to maintain a healthy cash-flow.

We have also helped streamline manual approval processes, for example allowing managers to approve invoices or Member applications electronically, be it at their desk, from a tablet, or Smartphone.

This dramatically improves response times to enquiries and ensures suppliers are paid on time.

Can you really scan invoices into accounts systems accurately?

Our systems can be over 90% accurate when reading forms or invoices. To be clear, this isn’t about replacing people, as this process will never be fully automated but we can make it much more efficient.

So, how does a Managed Print Service benefit a club?

Often the Club Managers we talk to don’t have any control over their printing spend.

The costs of a photocopier are transparent but the real expenditure is often in the desktop printers as these often have a varied cost per page.

By having a Managed service across all the desktop devices, we can not only offer a heavy reduction on the cost per page but also have one maintenance agreement across all the devices, since these are often out of warranty.

All toner ordering is then automated saving time, plus we give the managers visibility of their costs on an ongoing basis and they can also budget back to a specific department if necessary.

Are clubs being pressured to offer mobile or tablet printing services to Members and guests?

In some clubs yes, as Members are constantly expecting more from technology. We can help facilitate that, whether it’s a free or a chargeable service you wish to offer. Some city clubs however, still operate a “no mobiles or tablets policy”, so it’s about what is relevant each Club.

What security risks are there with printing or scanning confidential information?

Well, all clubs and businesses for that matter, have a duty of care to keep their customer information secure. But there are often many different types of sensitive documents, holding confidential information that should be protected.

Printed information is often left lying around and scanners are often able to send to email from an anonymous address. We help deal with these issues by implementing a secure print system or providing an audit trail for all documents being scanned within the business.

Finally why should a club manager engage with you and your team at DMC Canotec?

DMC Canotec are keen to share experiences and best practice between CMAE members so what works well for one club can be shared with others.

In the true spirit of a long-term partnership we are also re-investing 5% of any spend from a Members Club, back into The European Club Education Foundation.

We are really excited about our long-term commitment to CMAE and all the Members Clubs we hope to help, even if it’s simply to offer fresh ideas and forward thinking.

Our work with several Members Clubs so far has delivered great improvement and returns for these clubs and helped us to understand how we can help others.

  • Over 16% of office space is taken up with paper documents.
  • The average office worker spends 180 minutes a week looking for documents.
  • A standard four drawer filing cabinet takes up 9 square feet of floor space and holds up to 10,000 pieces of paper.
  • An average office will double its paper storage within 39 months.
  • The average spend on document related activities per employee is £10,800 per year
  • The average company spends 1%-3% of revenue on document printing.

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