Improve Business Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Integrate your organisation’s digital and physical worlds with smart document workflows to improve efficiency.

Improve efficiency with innovative digital workplace solutions.

Integrating efficient systems for creating, editing, sharing and storing business documents is vital. Neglecting this area means related costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Today’s workforce is no longer tied to a desk. Mobile devices and applications have freed us to work wherever and whenever we like.

As flexible working continues to improve, scalable, agile and secure cloud solutions deliver all the functionality of existing IT services, whilst dramatically reducing the costs and implementation issues that deter many businesses from going digital.

Similarly, workflow automation tools are allowing businesses to remove mundane administrative tasks from employees’ schedules, significantly improving efficiencies.

DMC Canotec delivers intelligent digital solutions for productivity improvement in the workplace, drawing on almost 30 years’ experience in managed print and document management systems. 

Our smart MFDs and software solutions will help you print more efficiently, as well as streamline your document and information management processes.

Gauge automation potential in your organisation by downloading our Process Automation Guide. 

On average, UK office workers spend 30-40% of their time looking for documents.

At least 90% of the information businesses create today is digital.

Benefits of DMC Canotec’s Business Efficiency Solutions

Remote Working

Intelligent systems allow digital files to be accessed from anywhere, making remote working a breeze.

Route Files Swiftly

Time intensive document approval processes can be digitised, automated and completed in a fraction of the time.

Cut Human Error

Digital document editing rules and automated workflows reduce the possibility of human error.

Real-Time Collaboration

Edit digital files in real-time, significantly reducing task completion times.

Reduce Wastage

Accurate reporting allows you to identify inefficient printing behaviours and implement printing rules.

Intelligent Storage

Quickly index, file and retrieve digital files, and automate repetitive administrative tasks to free up staff time.

Understand & optimise your organisation’s printing, document processing & information management habits.

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