Improved Print Processes for Kinson Primary

Improved Print Processes for Kinson Primary

Kinson Primary is a government primary school based in Bournemouth. The school has 450 students and 70 members of staff. The primary school work within the local community to bring business to local companies. In return the school look to arrange day trips for students to visit these businesses with the aim to observe and learn from the work processes.

The challenge

Kinson Primary School’s existing print devices were extremely unreliable often breaking down requiring service calls at least twice a week.

The school owned just two devices, only one of which was networked. Due to the constant failings of this device, the staff were forced to work around this issue by printing their work on an old desktop device. This process was proving to be extremely time consuming as well as costing the school significant amounts in ink.

Poor service was provided by Kinson Primary’s existing supplier with response times being up to two days after the issue was reported.

Drivers for change

  • Ageing devices
  • Time consuming print
  • Expensive toner ordering
  • Poor service level
  • Regular service calls.

The solution

DMC Canotec approached the school’s issues by having an open discussion about the available solutions.

Having received a number of quotations from other suppliers, DMC Canotec set themselves above the rest in the eyes of Kinson Primary by providing the school with their own bespoke portal and 3D Printview account.

3D Print View gives visibility over all print devices within the network as well as saving staff time by carrying out automatic toner ordering and meter readings.

The school was provided with three networked Multifunctional Devices; one each for Key Stage 1 and 2 and a third for administration staff. Each device is on a service contract, providing the school with 4 hour response time should the device break down.

Despite the higher number of machines than before, DMC Canotec have in fact reduced Kinson Primary’s print expenditure.

DMC Canotec’s service that we have experienced has been second to none. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the team.

I would not hesitate in recommending DMC Canotec to anybody. They have significantly improved the School’s print processes.

Daniel Attwill

IT Manager, Kinson Primary School

The benefit

  • Improved service provision
  • High quality MFD’s
  • 4 hour response time
  • Ability to self produce
  • Full service level agreement
  • Automatic toner ordering
  • Automatic meter readings

The future

DMC Canotec are currently looking to further improve Kinson Primary School’s print efficiency.

It is hoped in the coming months to provide the school with Papercut software which will allow for Follow-Me Print, allowing users to print from any device within the school. This will also reduce wastage and give visibility over usage.

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