Information Management

Information Management Systems

Bring together structured & unstructured data while speeding up the flow of content around your business with an information management system.

What is Information Management?

Simply put, Information Management (iM) is the process of collecting various forms of information, structuring it and then making sure it’s accessible for the right people at the right time.

Typically, information begins as unstructured data, which could come from a range of sources such as raw data, paper documents, electronic documents, audio content, images, video content, web pages and even knowledge inside someone’s head.

Managing this information involves the organisation and control over its structure, processing, storage and delivery – turning various forms of unstructured data into usable, structured information.

Organisations often use several solutions for different departments, processes and tasks. These single-purpose systems are usually unable to communicate with each other properly, resulting in manual work and poor usability.

By integrating your CRM, ERP and other business systems, every bit of information you need is in one place, while automated workflows help manage and improve efficiency.

Understand & optimise your organisation’s information management habits, as well as general printing and document processing activities.


Do you have issues with paper storage or moving paper around your business?


Are any of your business processes inefficient, manually intensive or hard to manage?


Do you struggle to find the information or documents you need, when you need them?


Are regulations, compliance and data security a focus area in your business?


Is there a drive towards cloud based or subscription services in your IT environment?


Is there a lack of control and visibility in any areas of your business?

Over 80% of businesses are forced to recreate files that already exist because they can't find the originals on their company network

Benefits of DMC Canotec’s Information Management Systems

Save Time

Find information & data faster, ensuring employee time is spent on adding value to the business.

Artificial Intelligence

Systems can automatically capture valuable information, plus sort & process data, minimising manual admin work & improving efficiency.

Free up Space

Replace paper storage archives or cabinets with a digital repository for a better use of space.

System Integration

Integrate multiple systems to provide one complete view of business processes, improving visibility and reducing miscommunication.

Digitise received post in the mailroom, to then distribute throughout your organisation – even across multiple sites.

Improved Collaboration

Edit data in real time on a secure digital platform, create electronic forms and route files effortlessly between teams.

Remote working

Free your staff to work and access business content from anywhere, creating flexible work environments.

Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your data by maintaining digital backups, reducing the impact of unforseen disasters.

Regulatory Compliance

Help to ensure compliance with regards to data protection regulations and policies.

Understand & optimise your organisation’s printing, document processing & information management habits.

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