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InVentry Visitor Management Systems

Securely monitor site visitors and staff with InVentry

InVentry’s visitor management system allows you to simplify and speed up the process of visitor and staff sign-in. By digitising the registration process, the visitor management system becomes a far simpler and faster task to collate student attendance records or to identify if a particular member of staff or class is currently on premise, reducing administration time. Should there be any need to evacuate the building, a list of all personnel on-site can quickly be produced.

The simple touchscreen sign-in process that integrates directly with your MiS allows staff, students and visitors to sign in using an existing ID card, or by choosing their name and photo on-screen in order to register their attendance for the day. InVentry is also compatible with SIMS along with other leading information systems. It also allows visitors to register their arrival, print off a temporary ID pass, and notify the person they have come to see, all within a couple of taps.

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Key Features



The 20 inch InVentry touchscreen is clear and intuitive and has been specifically designed for usage in high volume areas, making it simple to welcome and sign in visitors.


Badge Printing

Instant badge printing means visitors are always clearly identifiable and with the built-in badge designer you can easily customise the look and feel of your badges.


DBS Checker

Ensure visitors provide their DBS information when signing in which is recorded back to your central record for future visits and is included on their visitor badges.


Acceptance Policies

Ensure that visitors agree to any terms and conditions including health and safety and evacuation procedures as part of the signing in process.


Visitor Memory

The clever InVentry visitor management database remembers all your previous visitors to give returning visitors a swift and seamless experience.


Staff Notifications

When a visitor arrives onsite an instant notification is sent via SMS or email to the person they are visiting.


Events Management

Create events that allow you to pre-book visitors into events such as a school parents evening or a company workshop.


Integrated Webcam

The integrated webcam allows visitors to take their photo for ID badges and can be used for facial recognition for up to 60 days for more frequent visitors.

How is InVentry better than paper-based sign-in solutions?

InVentry provides schools and organisations with a securely-encrypted central database of individuals who have been in the building, and are currently in the building, including digital timestamps of their arrival and departure times, car registration and photograph. This information can be easily and quickly archived, searched and collated for simplification of registration or attendance records, or for future audit, whereas conducting these administration tasks using paper-based sign-in is a time-consuming process.

How will InVentry integrate into our current systems (including SIMS)?

InVentry is a fully standalone system and can function without any additional software, however it is also compatible with many leading Management Information Systems.
The system is also capable of communicating within your existing channels, by sending a text message or email to announce the arrival of a visitor to the appropriate member of staff, along with a photo so they know who to expect – facilitating a professional greeting.
Additionally, the system is compatible with barcode and RFID-enabled swipe cards and fobs using Paxton, MiFare or HID systems, so no need to replace existing ID and security measures.
InVentry is also compatible with SIMS and Classmark information systems to quickly and accurately create digital records of attendance.

Can InVentry conduct DBS checks?

Yes – InVentry systems can be used as a central hub of information for recruitment and vetting checks for staff and visitors thanks to its DBS integration.

Can InVentry be used to create emergency evacuation lists?

Yes – it’s possible to quickly call up and print a record of everyone who is present in the building in the case of fire or emergency evacuation, allowing an accurate roll call to be conducted. 

The InVentry Anywhere App also allows you to access a real time copy of everyone who is onsite from any mobile device.

How do temporary passes work?

Passes are printed using a thermal label printer on special sticky-backed paper – no ink required. The passes are printed with a barcode which will allow users to sign out again using their temporary pass on the integrated reader.

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