Fleet Management

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DMC Canotec will be remotely installing KPAX, an innovative fleet management solution as a free upgrade to all of our customers.


Designed to replace both Print Audit Facilities Manager (PAFM) and 3DPrintView (3DPV), KPAX maximises uptime by improving our ability to proactively manage your supplies and servicing.

Maximise your uptime with a free 30-minute installation.


(Please note that we will require administrative access to install the KPAX client onto your chosen workstation or server.)


The benefits of KPAX


Proactive Monitoring
& Maintenance

Remote monitoring and automated fault alerts ensure that our support team can quickly determine the most effective intervention.


Proactive Toner

Supply replenishment is predictive; assessing toner levels, KPAX will automatically place re-order requests so that toner can be delivered to you.


Eliminate Estimated

Automated meter readings ensure that your invoices are accurate and seamlessly transmitted to our billing team on time.


Enhanced Stability
& Security

Adhering to the industry’s highest security standards, KPAX encrypts all communication. KPAX never collects users’ personal information.


Access Usage

KPAX also monitors the volume and mono/colour output patterns of each networked MFD – a useful feature when deciding where and how best to deploy your devices.

How KPAX Works

  • The ‘KPAX Manage’ (KM) system securely collects imaging device metrics sent from MFDs through the internet.
  • The ‘KPAX Discover Agent’ (KDA) must be remotely installed ideally on a server or in some circumstances a workstation, which captures metrics from the MFD(s).
  • This program gathers and securely sends these data to a central KM SaaS server. Transmitted data is only ever shared with DMC Canotec.
  • KPAX never collects users’ personal information.

Frequently asked questions

Installation Requirements

In order to install KPAX the following is required:

  • Windows Server environment* (2008 or 2012) or Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • Framework .Net 2.0 installed.
  • Have an administrator account.

*We have been advised by KPAX that it can be installed on Windows Server 2016, but they have yet to update this on their site.

Does KPAX require a server to work?


It can be installed on any workstation that is on the majority of the time, however we would ideally install it on a server if possible.

How long does it take to install KPAX?

Installation usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Please note that we will require administrative access to install the KPAX client onto your chosen workstation or server.

Does KPAX require any admin rights for installation?


We will require administrative access to install the KPAX client onto your chosen workstation or server.


Can I install KPAX myself?

You can if you want.

Just email us and we will send you the KPAX agent and instructions on how to do this.

Will KPAX find my printers automatically or is there any input I need to do from my end?

KPAX can be set up in two ways.

  1. The first is to scan your network and find the devices itself.
  2. The second is we input a range of IP’s for it to scan and it will find any listed within that range.
I have other MFD’s not on contract with DMC Canotec. Will I have to do anything with these to stop them being set up on KPAX

No we will only set up MFD’s and Printers that we manage.

I have a MFD that is not connected to the network can KPAX report on this?


For KPAX to work it needs to be able to see the device on the network.

I have multiple sites will KPAX need to be installed at each one?

This depends on your network setup.

If you have a centralised server we can set it up on there to see all the sites.

What are the security settings for KPAX?
Will we receive email alerts when toner has been automatically ordered?

No, but you can setup a notification from the KPAX page on your Customer Portal to alert you when a toner needs changing.

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