Smart print and document management systems are allowing legal firms to exceed client demands and stay competitive.

Traditionally, legal document management has involved cumbersome mountains of paper, case files and supporting records.

The subsequent processes for sorting and editing this documentation have been inefficient and costly.

In a fast moving digital age, firms are now looking beyond incremental digital improvements and are embracing the opportunity for widespread change and innovation.

Smart document management solutions are top of the wish lists of forward thinking legal firms.

To stand out in the age of the client, a ‘digital-first’ model which incorporates managed print services and document management systems will provide clear and far-reaching wins, helping firms become more responsive to client needs, improve productivity, enhance security, support collaboration and improve business resilience.

Control costs

Typically, firms are unaware of the full scale of their print costs, or the print volumes of departments and individual team members.

A DMC Canotec service delivers business intelligence and transparency on all printing expenses and staff print volumes, as well as complete control of materials usage.

Improve efficiency

Automated scanning and recognition software allows you to improve efficiency and deliver files easily to the appropriate fee earning teams, with minimal human intervention. 

Process volumes of matter-centric documents, forms and statements in seconds, whilst integrating seamlessly into team workflows or directly into case, document or practice management software. 

Go paperless

A shift to service and information on demand is hampered by paper. Digitising documents allows knowledge workers to deliver on client expectations.

With a paper-lite system, electronic documentation can be captured and shared easily across multiple sites and teams, as well as filed directly into the relevant case, document or practice management systems.

Secure your workplace

Deliver improved client confidentiality and security around all elements of your document workflows.

DMC Canotec’s multilayered security features allow you to protect against unauthorised printing, copying and scanning, as well as incorporate secure document processing systems into your every day activities, protecting the firm, its clients and its people from inadvertent or deliberate data breaches. 

42% of law firms believe that the burden of maintaining legacy IT infrastructure is hampering growth.

36% of firms say that existing systems are neither agile or scalable enough to support future expansion.

64% of IT managers state that their printers are likely infected with malware.

Benefits of DMC Canotec’s legal document management solutions

Reduce waste

E-filing and digital capture eliminates paper duplicates, saving space and reducing costly archiving.

Collaborate digitally

Effortlessly make file annotations and document redactions on a secure cloud system.

Remove bottlenecks

Scan and process documents in a fraction of the time and route print jobs to the most efficient devices.

Access files remotely

Paper-lite practices enable client meetings and remote working without large document bundles.

Improve security

Highlight unauthorised printing, scanning & copying, while blocking hacking opportunities to devices. 

Enhance client experience

Smarter working practices allow matter-centric documentation to be digitally routed to recipients for action without delay.

Automate workflows

Release your staff from mundane administrative tasks to focus on core business activities.

Enhance compliance

Assign access levels and rules to documents to safeguard against unauthorised breaches of confidentiality.

Improve budgeting

Allocate print volumes & costs against case, account or employee, with accurate reporting.

Law firms are increasingly going digital, with new technologies driving flexible, collaborative workflows, as well as frictionless, more client-centric services.

Learn how to embrace smart tech in our ‘Less Paper Law Firm’ whitepaper.

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