Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Take back control of your printing activities and associated costs with DMC Canotec’s managed print services.

Managed print services can help you get more from your mission-critical print technology.

Monitoring toner refills, ordering replacement parts and supplies, and managing ongoing maintenance means office printers can quickly become a considerable drain on resources.

What’s more, if not monitored, the document output of individual team members and departments can rapidly get out of hand, dramatically increasing printing costs.

DMC Canotec is an independent managed print services provider, delivering tailored MPS solutions across the UK that provide transparency and control over print volumes and expenses. We offer a wide range of devices, from smaller office machines to larger multifunctional devices and wide format printers.

Following a comprehensive site analysis identifying the best ways to improve your print environment, our solutions are all encompassing.

We provide setup, training, device servicing, consumables replenishment, business intelligence and ongoing process refinements of your MFDs – something other print management companies cannot match.


nationwide device uptime

engineer SLA commitment

years' industry experience

Our state-of-the-art machines provide a whole host of innovative features that offer improved security, provide user accountability, and save you time and money. We work with the market’s leading print and document management software to make sure your systems run at optimum levels, while our customer portal enables you to keep tabs on your printer fleet.

In addition, should you encounter any problems with your devices that we cannot fix remotely, our managed print service comes with a commitment for our engineers to be with you within 4 hours.

Expect to reduce your annual print spend by 30% with a tailored DMC Canotec solution.

Why use our Managed Print Services?

Control Print Costs

Regain control of your spending through increased visibility and output reporting.

Consumables Tracking

We monitor your devices in real time and provide ongoing servicing, meaning you never run out of toner or printing capabilities.

Improve Sustainability

Smart tech helps you optimse processes to cut waste, energy, paper consumption and supplies.

Increase Security

User authentication releases documents from devices, while data encryption protects files sent to the printer.

Automated Invoices

Our automated systems monitor your machines and generate precise invoices according to specific monthly usage.

Engineer Callout Service

We’re committed to having our experienced engineers with you within 4 hours to fix any critical faults.

Device Monitoring

Understand usage and print behaviours surrounding each device, specific to individuals or departments, and introduce restrictions if needed.

99.8% Uptime

A machine uptime of 99.8% frees up time for your staff to concentrate on core business tasks. 

Constantly Optimise

We continually review and refine your systems to ensure ROI and targets are met.

The Hidden Cost of Printing

Visible costs such as hardware, supplies and maintenance represent only part of the total cost of producing documents in the office.

Many businesses want to change their practices but face the following challenges:

  • Being unsure of how much they are spending on printing and document management processes
  • Business costs that are spread across multiple units, making them difficult to identify
  • Inability to accurately calculate the amount of waste being generated
  • Difficulty in producing a strategy for employees to work more efficiently
  • Worries over disrupting employee workflow to implement changes

DMC Canotec deliver streamlined managed print services that encompass the whole document journey, from creation to output and distribution, saving you time and money.

1. Discovery
We conduct a full assessment of your document environment. An audit looks at current costs of printing, the usage of devices and potential areas of improvement for document workflow, efficiency and security.

2. Design & Test
Our expert team will work with you to design an integrated software and hardware solution, to cut your overheads and increase productivity.

3. Implement & Change
Support staff will guide you through implementation of the solution. They will help you to mitigate risk and minimise business disruption.

4. Support & Manage
Our remote monitoring solution can proactively identify when supplies are low or when service is needed.

5. Optimise
As your business changes over time, your print needs will too. We will continue to work with you to make sure your document environment is always optimally managed.

Control, Optimise, Enhance

Consolidate and streamline your workflows and processes with our introduction guide to Managed Print Services.

The DMC Group’s Print Management Clients Include

Your Trusted Managed Print Services Partner

With nearly 30 years’ experience in providing print and document management services to organisations across the UK, including London, the South East, South West and Northern England, DMC Canotec is Canon’s largest partner in the UK.

We specialise in providing industry-leading customer service and technical expertise, allowing us to continuously deliver measurable increases in printing efficiency and accountability.

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