Niche construction firm reduce paper wastage


Niche construction firm reduce paper wastage

Land & Water is a group of companies specialising in engineering and construction where land meets water. The business operates the largest fleet of specialised long reach excavators, dredging equipment and floating plant in the UK.

Primarily a dredging business working on inland rivers and canals, the business also provide other services such as plant hire and operation, marina construction and management, revetments and repairs, vegetation management, canal and stream creation, garden/lake construction and environmental solutions.

The Challenge

Land & Water had a high number of devices on their print estate which were proving to be expensive and as they were ageing, the quality was becoming poor. The business’ first requirement was therefore to reduce the size of their print fleet while improving the overall specification of the individual devices in terms of print and scan quality.

The second issue that that Land & Water was encountering was an extremely high level of paper wastage due to forgotten and duplicated prints being left around the offices. The business was therefore hoping to put systems in place to reduce this wastage and ensure that staff members were only printing what was necessary. This also led to Land & Water’s third and final requirement that was to improve document security and prevent confidential paperwork from being left at the device.

The Solution

Three print solution suppliers were invited to tender for Land & Water’s renewal. On review of the options, it was DMC Canotec that presented the most competitive pricing as well as the most comprehensive level of service. Having worked with DMC Canotec in the past, the staff were already aware of the high level of service provided by DMC Canotec.

Following a number of face to face meetings, phone calls, emails and site visits, DMC Canotec were able to fully understand Land & Water’s requirements and print habits, putting together a solid implementation plan spanning the entirety of the project.

 Drivers for Change

  • High number of devices
  • Ageing print fleet
  • Poor print quality
  • No document security
  • High level of paper wastage
  • High expenditure on print

The Benefit

  • Fewer devices
  • Unified fleet of Canon devices
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced wastage
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Reduced costs

DMC Canotec implemented eight new devices across three locations complete with document security software, uniFLOW. This significantly reduced the size of Land & Water’s print fleet, improved print quality and prevented paper wastage. To meet the requirement of improving document security, each of the business’ staff members were provided with an individually assigned PIN code. When a document is sent to print, the job is added to a virtual print queue and not released until the user enters their PIN code at the device. This ensures that print jobs are not forgotten or left unattended on the output tray.

DMC Canotec didn’t just take what we asked for and deliver it, but worked with us to ensure we were deploying the right solution for our business. They worked with us right from the beginning, helping out with the design, implementation, installation end user training, and follow up.

Their customer care and support service is second to none. I would absolutely recommend DMC Canotec as one of the most professional, competent and price competitive print solution suppliers out there.

Nick Lunn, Group IT Manager, Land & Water

020 8688 4243