No Need to Outsource for Spencers


No Need to Outsource for Spencers

Spencers of The New Forest is a high end estate agency. Dealing in multi-million pound properties in the South of England the organisation owns six offices and prides itself on its good old-fashioned personal and professional service.

The Challenge

As part of Spencers’ commitment to provide the highest possible service to its clients, the firm provide individual brochures for all houses on their market. It is imperative that these brochures and customer facing documents are of the highest quality, matching the firm’s brand image and values.

Spencers’ existing Xerox fleet was under-performing, and struggling to keep up with the high volumes of housing brochures the firm needed. The print quality was becoming poorer by the day and its temperamental approach to work was resulting in the need to outsource all customer facing documents. This was costing the firm £4-5 per brochure.

When the Spencers of The New Forest’s existing lease came to an end within their Head Office, it was decided that the firm required a change in supplier due to the poor support they had been receiving and the expenditure out laid as a result of temperamental devices.

“Because we are estate agents the quality of our printing is of upmost importance. We have been extremely pleased with the performance and quality of our new printer…” -Sarah Challenor, Sales Manager, Spencers Estate Agents

The Solution


DMC Canotec upgraded Spencers’ existing fleet with Kyocera 2551’s and 4551’s complete with finisher. This has negated the need for outsourcing customer facing documents as the new devices are capable of printing and binding the documents to the required standard. As the firm are now able to self-produce http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy/cialis these documents, they can print brochures as and when necessary and do not have to waste both money and time in estimating how many copies they are going to need. In addition to this, the new cost per print is now and half their pre-existing solution’s, saving the firm significantly on their outgoings.

“Having been unhappy with our previous printer provider, we are very pleased with the service we have received from DMC Canotec”

The Future


Due to the fact that each office is tied into numerous device leases, from numerous providers and all expiring at different times, DMC Canotec have thus far only provided the Spencers of the New Forest’s head office. However as and when the firm’s existing leases expire, DMC Canotec will work with Spencers to provide office appropriate print solutions for each of the locations. A good relationship has been built between DMC Canotec and Spencers of The New Forest. It is hoped for this relationship to continue to be beneficial for both businesses.

“I certainly have the confidence that we are in safe hands- I am certain that we can continue to work with DMC Canotec for many years to come…” -Sarah Challenor, Sales Manager, Spencers Estate Agents

Drivers for change

  • Under performing fleet
  • High print volume
  • Outsourcing became imperative
  • High expenditure on print
  • No mechanism to prevent wastage
  • Poor service support
  • Estimated quantities
  • Quality of paramount importance

The Benefits

  • Full print audit
  • Unified fleet of Canon devices
  • One supplier across all practices
  • Automatic toner ordering
  • Full Service Level Agreement
  • Visibility over usage and costs
  • Reduced number of devices
  • Yearly account reviews
  • Savings of 40%
  • Free toner recycling programme

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