Nuance’s Partner Event


Our Professional Services and Innovation teams attended Nuance’s Partner Event today in London.

Key drivers across all businesses and organisations are now gravitating around 3 key repeating themes reflected in Nuances roadmap of Document Workflow solutions…Security, Mobility and Efficiency.

Throughout the day, Nuance speakers shared some compelling statistics that would make any IT manager re-evaluate the way in which they work.

  • 25% of all internal data breaches are hard copy related.
  • Just 1 in 6 companies have a print security strategy.
  • According to the IDC “If you have unsecure print, you have an unsecure print strategy.”
  • 51% of individuals http://www.buyambienmed.com/ambien-online/ working for a business that has a security policy, do not follow it.

Given the high intensity roles and daily pressures within business these days Data Loss Prevention is understandably rarely on an individuals’ radar. Staff are commonly time precious and therefore more focussed on task based outcomes.


“It’s our role as our customers’ technology partner to therefore deal with that 51% and make technology easy and intuitive to address this challenge. That’s why we invest time attending these events.

Nuance is a key partner and we have a significant history with Nuance and eCopy as early adopters and developers.”

Mario Bertuca

Solutions Alliances Manager, DMC Canotec

020 8688 4243