Build a Paperless Office

Build a Paperless Office

Embrace digital processes and make your office paperless

Paperless offices create agile and efficient businesses.

It’s clear that these days, most business processes can be completed without paper.

Paperwork slows businesses down and costs them money. Now is the time to improve organisational performance with paperless office solutions.

Digital documents are far easier to store and distribute, offer greater opportunities for editing and collaboration, and can be made much more secure than physical paper files.

Yet there is still a long way to go before we see a widespread adoption of paperless office practices, perhaps because a truly paperless office is unrealistic for some organisations at this point in time. However, paper-lite working is absolutely achievable.

DMC Canotec helps organisations go paperless or paper-lite by introducing intelligent digital software and document workflows, drawing on almost 30 years’ experience in managed print services and document management systems.

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Your business spends approximately £170 per employee on paper every year.

Research states that printing, copying, filing and shelving routinely costs businesses an additional £14,616 per year.

Global paper consumption has grown by some 120% over the last twenty years.

Benefits of Going Paperless

Improved Sustainability

A paperless office naturally means less paper being harvested and fewer trees lost.

Increased Security

Digital files can be locked and encrypted to restrict file access, making compliance a breeze.

Greater Efficiency

Reduce the many wasted hours searching through filing cabinets for paper documents.

Better Collaboration

Digital documents allow users to collaborate in real-time, dramatically speeding up processes.

Reduced Costs

Reduce money spent on paper and associated materials, which can be allocated elsewhere.

Intelligent Archiving

Quickly index, archive and backup documents to networks or cloud systems in a few clicks.

Quicker Communication

Approval processes and project delivery times can be significantly reduced without the need to distribute paper files.

Flexible Working

Digital files can be accessed on any device, from anywhere, at any time, creating flexible working opportunities.

Less Clutter

Reducing paper usage means less storage space and fewer physical documents cluttering up workplaces.

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