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Construction firm save time and money with electronic workflows

BAM Nuttall’s procurement department was experiencing high expenditure on the postage of contracts. Hundreds of pages often needing to be signed by four of the firm’s 100 Key Agents situated in different locations across the UK.


Once posted, there was limited visibility over where the documents were within the process or if there was any delay. The postage between locations typically took weeks, even months to complete.


Drivers for Change

  • High expenditure on postage
  • Lack of visibility
  • Start dates delayed due to lengthy signing process
  • Time consuming scan process
  • Manual and electronic paper workflows

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Procurement Manager | BAM Nuttall

How we helped

DMC Canotec spent time with the procurement department in order to complete a full workflow audit for BAM Nuttall. This audit was conducted to establish how the processes worked and the time each took to complete. Numerous meetings also took place with both the IT and Procurement departments to plan the implementation project within a specific time frame.


An electronic workflow system was implemented with E-Signatures for all 100 key agents, allowing them to sign contracts digitally.


This new method provides the procurement department with total visibility over the contracts at all stages of the signing process. Sign-off deadlines have been put in place within the E-Signature procedure in order to improve the efficiency of the approach.


Overall, this new strategy has resulted in increased productivity of staff, allowing them to focus on more pressing tasks than the laborious scanning process.


The Benefit

  • Reduced print and postage costs
  • More time efficient process
  • Electronic Signatures for all 100 key agents
  • Full visibility over the contract signing process
  • Negated the need for scanning
  • More productive office
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5 Locations

1000+ Staff

Established in 1935, global firm Bam Nuttall has 20,000+ staff worldwide.


The civil engineering company operate principally in the rail, road, maritime and energy sectors and were also heavily involved in the construction of the London 2012 Olympic stadium.

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