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Unified print fleet and Improvements to user efficiency





The main challenge for Domestic & General came as a result of their elderly mixed fleet of Xerox Colour Qubes and HP Desktop devices.


This fleet was running at extremely high costs when compared to the current market rates. The business had no control or visibility over the devices’ usage.


In addition to this, Domestic & General’s existing supplier was unable to maintain their Service Level Agreement in respect of ongoing repairs. As a result of this, the business was dealing with significant downtime on their devices, causing productivity issues in their offices.


Due to the numerous strands of the business, Domestic & General have the need for 40 different types of headed paper for a number of document types.


Having spent considerable time exploring the market in order to find the right solution, as well as a manufacturer to partner with moving forward, Domestic & General were delighted to find DMC Canotec.

How we helped

The solution that was finally agreed on was a unified fleet of 23 Kyocera devices of the same build and specification, combined with paper cut secure print release.


DMC Canotec also addressed Domestic & General’s issues regarding the vast number of letterheads the firm required. Pre Scribe software was installed for the business within all Kyocera devices, which enables Domestic & General to hold letter templates within the device at machine level overlaying any addition text required.


This has therefore negated the need for pre-printed headed paper, freeing up significant storage space. Staff now have the ability to change letterhead templates on the fly, as and when they print.


Follow-me print has also been installed for Domestic & General giving the company full redundancy; should a device be out of action for any reason, the user can now log in to any of the other 22 devices within the building to recover their prints.


This also gives control in terms of reporting and establishing who is printing what. Usage control is also now in place for both copy and scan. Domestic & General will now also benefit from DMC Canotec’s service level agreement, guaranteeing four hour response time, automatic meter readings as well as automatic toner ordering for all 23 Kyocera devices.

Customer Profile

Insurance Sector

4 Locations

250+ Staff

Domestic & General are the UK’s leading domestic appliance warranty specialists. The business has over 100 years’ experience of comprehensive breakdown protection on appliances, boilers and electrical products.


Domestic & General currently have some 50 million policies in the UK alone, together with exposure in Europe and Australia.

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