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Private School increase functionality and improves print processes

Emanuel school owned a mixed fleet of desktop printers consisting of a number of manufacturers and models. The devices were a combination of both managed and unmanaged devices from a range of different suppliers.  With over 100 devices throughout the school, the IT department found themselves spending unnecessary time ordering a high number of different toners.


Concerns were raised over the school’s lack of visibility over costs and print volumes, as well as the fact that Emanuel had no mechanism to address wastage.


Emanuel had a lack of security measures in place with regard to printing. Should a member of staff have the need to print sensitive data within the school’s premises, there was no mechanism in place to prevent others from having the ability to collect these items from the printer.


Having discussed their pain points with numerous print suppliers, Emanuel’s IT staff had been made aware of possible solutions available. However each supplier failed to carry out a full audit of the school’s fleet or engage with the other staff to identify further issues.


Drivers for Change

  • High number of devices
  • Time consuming toner ordering
  • Poor print security
  • No visibility or control over print
How we helped

DMC Canotec conducted a full cost analysis and site audit for Emanuel School and drafted a specification for a new fleet of Multi Functional Devices (MFD’s) to replace the school’s existing devices.  The DMC Canotec staff carried out a plot of site and survey to certify minimal upheaval during the changeover process. MFD’s were put in place in central locations in order to ensure teacher convenience.


A bespoke branded online portal was built for Emanuel School to give the IT department a single platform that provides trouble shooting tips, visibility over print costs, automatic toner ordering as well as automatic service calls.


The proposed MFD’s included secure release print software, uniFLOW. This requires the use of a PIN code or swipe card at the device before sensitive data can be printed.


uniFLOW software is a print management software that monitors all print activity, giving a clear audited history that allows print and photocopy costs to be attributed to both the departments and students alike. This can be used to track departmental budgets and students’ print costs. These costs can then be deducted from individually assigned pre-pay accounts.


Secure print; the uniFLOW software can be used by students to send an item to print, they can then release this at any machine in the school. This brings greater efficiency as students do not need to print exclusively in the print room.


Replacing printers and photocopiers with multi-functional devices has resulted in greater functionality, improved performance and real cost savings.


The School now has secure print and cost recovery facilities. These ensure that accountability is introduced, waste has been reduced by 20% and confidential documents are only handled by those that printed them.


  • Users take ownership of printing
  • Easily accessible print analysis through portal
  • Improved document security
  • Unified print fleet from a single provider
  • Greater visibility over devices
  • Full service level agreement
  • 20% Wastage cut
  • Free toner recycling programme
  • Automatic service calls
  • Automatic consumable ordering
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Emanuel School is an English independent day school for boys and girls aged 10 to 18, located across a 12 acre site in Battersea, south-west London.


Priding itself on its promotion of independent thought and encouragement of curiosity for learning, the school educates over 1,000 pupils and was founded in 1594 by Anne Sackville, Lady Dacre and Queen Elizabeth I.

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