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Rotork’s existing print solution was one based on numbers, whereby new members of staff meant new printers, to a point where almost every desk had a device. These devices were managed by a number of providers on a range of platforms, causing significant strain for the IT department. The sheer number of printers were becoming difficult to maintain, with the consumable ordering for the many different devices bringing its own challenges.


With no print management or security software in place, Rotork’s IT department had little visibility over usage, wastage and costs while staff were forced to be extra vigilant to ensure sensitive documentation was not being left on print trays.


Drivers for Change

  • Expensive management of devices
  • High number of devices
  • Time consuming toner ordering
  • Poor print security
  • No visibility or control over print
How we helped

DMC Canotec provided a consultative approach to Rotork’s pain points, working closely with the business’ global IT Director to provide a secure standardised print environment across multiple locations. This initial consultation allowed DMC Canotec to fully understand the business’ needs and ultimately recommend a scalable managed print solution that was fit for purpose.


The account director at DMC Canotec audited Rotork’s print volume and gathered a number of facts and figures on the business’ print habits using 3D Print View, DMC Canotec’s own print management software giving full visibility and control over printer usage and wastage. This allowed the provider to establish clear Return of Investment figures for Rotork that were presented to 300 key users across 10 classroom type presentations followed by an open Q & A forum.


Following approval by key stakeholders, DMC Canotec removed the vast majority of desktop devices, replacing them with central multi-functional devices and implemented secure print management software within Rotork’s Bath factory site. Since then the software has been rolled out across 10 locations in countries including UK, Germany, Italy, UAE and USA. Rotork have plans to roll out the software across all global sites within the next five years.


Users now benefit from a secure print release solution that adds print jobs to a queue stored at the device. Users are then required to physically release the job from the device using an individually assigned access card. This helps prevent sensitive data from being left in print trays as well as reducing wastage through unnecessary prints.


Since implementing the software within Rotork locations, the business’ Group IT team now have central control over all 32 MFD’s, giving visibility over device usage and accountability by department and even individuals based on print volumes.


As well as a noticeable reduction in IT resource time for print related issues, the department have noticed considerable reduction in waste and paper consumption since implementation. On a local scale, Rotork are currently saving in excess of 320 reams of paper a year in the Bath office alone, more importantly DMC Canotec provide Rotork with a snap shot solutions that can be emulated anywhere on the map, standardised for all users and simple for IT to manage.


The Benefit

  • More efficient devices
  • Reduced paper consumption
  • Improved document security
  • Unified print fleet from a single provider
  • Greater visibility over devices
  • Fewer expensive desktop devices
Customer Profile


10 European Locations

1000+ Staff

Bath based manufacturer, Rotork are market leaders in actuator manufacturing and flow control, they operate in any market where the flow of liquid and gases need to be controlled.


With offices in 55 countries and over 15 thousand employees, the business truly provide a worldwide service.

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