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Trinity School of John Whitgift




Private School increase functionality and improves print processes

As one of the leading independent boys’ schools in South London, Trinity demanded a print strategy that would meet their specific needs.


After receiving a quote from their current photocopier supplier, Trinity explored alternatives and were impressed with DMC Canotec’s record of providing expert solutions to the education sector. DMC Canotec offered the school a print audit that would be carried out on site.


Drivers for Change

  • Costly single function devices
  • No visibility over print activity and wastage
  • Lack of security measures
  • No accountability for users

DMC Canotec was the only supplier that looked at all the issues we faced and provided the type of joined-up thinking we needed.

Headmaster | Trinity School of John Whitgift

How we helped

Prior to supplying a proposal, DMC Canotec carefully audited the school’s current operations. In doing so, DMC Canotec determined the most appropriate solution. This unique approach to the project ensured that the solution was the correct one for Trinity School at the time and in the future. The school’s needs and desires were fully assessed, with key staff members involved in the process to ensure all bases were covered.


DMC Canotec undertook a Print Audit to obtain an accurate picture of the state of Trinity’s printing and photocopying infrastructure. This tracts print activity and identifies areas of waste and the potential savings that can be made. This resulted in a number of recommendations.


  1. To replace costly printers and photocopiers with cost-effective multi-functional devices.
  2. To introduce uniFLOW software to monitor all print activity.
  3. To introduce secure print to release print jobs from any device on the network.


uniFLOW software is a print management software that monitors all print activity, giving a clear audited history that allows print and photocopy costs to be attributed to both the departments and students alike. This can be used to track departmental budgets and students’ print costs. These costs can then be deducted from individually assigned pre-pay accounts.


Secure print; the uniFLOW software can be used by students to send an item to print, they can then release this at any machine in the school. This brings greater efficiency as students do not need to print exclusively in the print room.


Replacing printers and photocopiers with multi-functional devices has resulted in greater functionality, improved performance and real cost savings. Trinity School can expect to see up to £150,000 saved over the course of five years.


The School now has secure print and cost recovery facilities. These ensure that accountability is introduced, waste is minimised and confidential documents are only handled by those that printed them.


Trinity School also has an effective managed solution. A mix of machines and software has given the School a successful fix to their print problems. DMC Canotec’s unique approach of examining current facilities and requirements has resulted in devices and software that give Trinity School the best print and photocopy facilities.


  • New fleet of Multi-functional devices
  • Greater functionality
  • £150,000 saved over a 5 year period
  • Cost recovery facilities
  • Reduced print wastage
  • Visibility over usage and costs
  • Reduced number of devices
Customer Profile

Education Sector

1 Location

180+ Staff

A Sunday Times top 50 independent school and best independent school in Croydon for boys aged 10-18 with co-educational Sixth Form.


Trinity is a modern, dynamic, friendly and diverse school, and is truly anchored in the local community. We enjoy superb facilities and, more importantly, excellent teachers and support staff, dedicated to working together to offer the balanced, all-round education which is our commitment to all pupils.


Trinity School is part of the Whitgift Foundation, founded in 1596 by John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury. His legacy provides the School with outstanding facilities and an extensive range of bursaries and scholarships, allowing pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds to benefit from an education at Trinity.

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