Print & Document Security Solutions

Print & Document Security Solutions

Safeguard your printers and documentation with intelligent document security solutions.

Smart print and document security solutions are making businesses stronger.

Cyber security threats and data breaches are on the rise.

Businesses are having to work harder to combat these risks by making their workplaces digitally secure and capable of withstanding increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Underestimating the cyber security risks, businesses often fail to adequately monitor and protect their networked printers or their multifunctional devices (integrated printing, scanning and copying machines – otherwise known as MFDs).

Hackers can use these unguarded devices to gain network access and remotely steal stored copies of printed or processed digital files, and consequently launch destructive ransomware attacks.

This threat also extends to digital files housed elsewhere on a network. Even paper documents left unattended in the output tray are liable to be lost, stolen or simply viewed by the wrong person.

Document security software and secure printing solutions are therefore of paramount importance.

DMC Canotec defends your data by introducing intelligent digital systems and smart document workflows, drawing on almost 30 years’ experience in delivering managed print services and document management systems.

64% of IT managers state that their printers are likely infected with malware.

84% of organisations believe that security is the single most important area of technology investment.

Benefits of DMC Canotec’s Print & Document Security Solutions

Secure Printers & Files

Close vulnerable entry points to devices and networks, blocking potential hacking opportunities. 

Enhanced Compliance

Avoid costly compliance issues by strengthening internal printing and document workflow practices.

User Authentication

Restricting user access levels per device or document means your data won’t find itself in the wrong hands.

Secure Document Storage

Digital document storage encrypts files and removes the need for physical copies on your premises.

Intellectual Property

Watermarks on processed documents mean your digital or printed files cannot be used by third parties.

Smart Key Cards

Multifunctional key cards release documents from printers as well as providing entry to your premises.

Intelligent Scanning

Automatically route digital files to predetermined destinations with added encryption to boot.

Real Time Alerts

Set up immediate alerts to notify you should an information leak or data breach occur.

Audit Trails

Full accountability and transparency identifies specific users that have accessed or processed documents.

Protect sensitive business information with our document security checklist.

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