Reduced Print Costs for Concordia Health


Reduced Print Costs for Concordia Health

Concordia Health Ltd own seven NHS general practices across London and the South East specialising in primary care. Concordia Health’s head office is in London’s Leathermarket.

The firm prides itself on their innovative approach to providing NHS services as well as their tailored offerings that have been adapted to better meet the needs of each specific surgery’s local population.

The Challenge

With the current budget crisis within the NHS, general practices are ever searching for methods to reduce spending.

Despite Brother print devices being supplied to NHS practices free of charge by the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU), it was required for Concordia Health surgeries to purchase all necessary original consumables themselves. In addition to the outlay in cost for such consumables, the ordering and invoicing processes were time consuming for the firm.

A further pain point for the firm came as a result of poor service support whereby faulty printers could take weeks to be repaired or replaced. In an industry such as healthcare where time is of the essence, the existing processes were proving to significantly hinder the practices’ efficiency.

“DMC Canotec were able to provide a flexible turn-key solution for what we needed in our expanding company.”-Aggy Finn, Concordia Health

The Solution

BCL, part of the DMC Group implementated a unified fleet of Canon desktop printers in the form of LBP 6780x and LBP7780cx, as well as a Canon MFD into the firm’s head office.

Following positive results, it was decided for DMC Canotec to roll out Canon devices across all of Concordia Health Ltd’s seven general practices.

DMC Group engineers carried out full print audits at each site and put in to place a total fleet of 79 new Canon devices consisting of both desktop devices as well as large multifunctional devices as part of a rental and maintenance lease. All devices were implemented with the ability to print prescriptions.

This upgrade and implementation of Canon devices, along with a Canon Europe supported Toner Agreement has resulted in significant cost savings of up to 40% for Concordia Health Ltd.


Drivers for Change

  • Mixed fleet of devices
  • Time consuming ordering
  • No visibility over print costs or volumes
  • Need for a single print supplier and unified fleet
  • Lack of service agreement
  • High expenditure buying and replacing faulty devices
  • Ability to print prescriptions

The Benefit

  • Full Print Audit
  • Unified Fleet of Canon Devices
  • One supplier across all practices
  • Automatic toner ordering
  • Full service level agreement
  • Reduced number of devices
  • Yearly account review
  • Savings of 40%
  • Free toner recycling programme

In addition, the introduction of Uniflow Managed Print Software across the seven locations has improved visibility of cost control as well as the practices’ print security.

The Future

Over the coming 12 months it is hoped for Concordia Health Ltd to open 15 new surgeries throughout the South East giving the DMC Group plenty of opportunity to extend the print fleet across all Concordia practices. This will be of benefit to Concordia as they will maintain their single point of contact for all print issues.

“We now know exactly who prints what, and prints aren’t mixed up together. There’s less separate hardware to maintain and if it does go wrong, we now have just one supplier to go to.” -Aggy Finn, Concordia Health

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