Contingency / Disaster Recovery Bulk Scanning & Digital Mailroom Solution

From the DMC Canotec Group:

With recent events having far reaching repercussions on normal working lives and business, remote working is now the new norm. Enabling simple but effective communication is key.

Introducing ScanPOD.

The Challenge

Securely and efficiently sharing paper-based documents and incoming mail with remote working teams is a difficulty for countless organisations.

Many have a need to scan paper-based documents and files, including post.

Paper can only be in one place at a time, hindering effective working and collaboration, while increasing risk when compliance and managing one version of the truth remains important.

The Solution – ScanPOD

DMC Canotec and Paper River have brought together a rapid response, ready to go mail and bulk scanning solution as part of a wider Agile Workflow Toolkit.

It’s a simple to deploy, out of the box answer to the challenge of sharing documents effectively with disparate teams.

ScanPOD delivers fast, effective & secure capture and distribution of paper-based documents – including bulk scan and digital mail.

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How It Works


Active Directory Import

Facilitates selection & distribution of inbound or bulk scan request documents to a client, user or group.


Automated Filing

Folder locations automatically created by the scanning process for users if they don’t already exist.


Supporting Compliance

Audit every document captured, including the date and time, while supporting file naming conventions.


Swift Distribution

Documents are converted to a read-only PDF file, distributed to any location, and an email sent to the user(s) with a link to view the document remotely.


Request Brochure

Build your own scalable, future-proof bulk scanning and digital mailroom solution.


Manage Mail Remotely

The user simply opens the hard copy mail, selects a recipient or group from the ScanPort (with alphabetic block filtering) and submits the post.

The idea of this rapid response, out of the box solution is to help enable all our clients to work from home effectively and securely, supporting and protecting the interests of the business communities we value and work with.

Andy Young

MD, DMC Canotec

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