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64% of IT managers state that their printers are likely infected with malware.

Hackers use these devices to remotely steal stored copies of printed files and launch destructive ransomware attacks. Even confidential documents left unattended in the output tray are libel to be lost, stolen or simply viewed by the wrong person.

DMC Canotec defends your data.

Leveraging market-leading workflow management software, businesses that adhere to the latest standards of information security and privacy are shifting their ‘compliance burden’ to competitive advantage.


Ensure that all information remains accurate and complete.


Work from anywhere without fear of data loss, leak and/or hack.


Build customer confidence; let them know that their privacy is your priority.


More than 60% of businesses have experienced at least one print-related data breach; only 22% have implemented a print security strategy.



84% of SMB and enterprise organisations believe that ‘Security’ is the single most important area of technology investment.


How to Become ‘Digital-first’ in an Age of Disruption

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Convert documents into digital data.

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Focus on high-value tasks that drive profitable growth.

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Protect information without compromising performance.

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‘The office’ is no longer a place, but a mindset.

Start working smarter today.

Discover how DMC Canotec can support your first step toward digital transformation.

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