The forward thinking SME is improving operational efficiencies and cash flow with managed print and document workflow solutions.

Embrace an intelligent, efficient and flexible print & document management service, readying your business for a digitally secure future.

Maintaining a stable cash flow is vital for a strong and competitive business. In an age of economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to ensure processes are as efficient and cost effective as possible.

With unmanaged print processes frequently exceeding 3% of turnover, the savings to be made by by optimising your print and document processes are substantial.

By incorporating a DMC Canotec managed print service you’ll no longer need to monitor and service your printers, will receive fully transparent usage breakdowns, and will be able to make use of secure systems to manage your document workflows.

Adopting additional document management systems and information management solutions will provide even greater cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Expect to save up to 30% on your existing costs with a DMC Canotec solution.

Control Costs

Typically, businesses are unaware of the full scale of their print costs and the print volumes of individual team members. Without adequate control and clarity over output, a business will struggle with insufficient cash flow.

A DMC Canotec service delivers business intelligence and transparency on all printing expenses and staff print volumes, plus regular device servicing and complete control of materials usage.

Improve Efficiency

Shift resources away from manual tasks and replace them with automated digital document workflows to improve efficiency.

Our systems also integrate with existing software, freeing up time to spend on value added parts of the business.

Go Paperless

Too many businesses still rely on the exchange of paper forms, records and documents to get work done. And these paper-driven processes are hurting their bottom line.

Innovations in document and data capture are helping organisations reduce their dependence on paper, saving them time and money.

Secure Your Workplace

DMC Canotec’s multilayered security features allow you to protect against unauthorised printing, copying and scanning, as well as incorporate secure document processing systems into your every day business activities. 

Consolidate and streamline your printing practices with our introduction guide to Managed Print Services.

64% of IT managers state that their printers are likely infected with malware.

Almost 90% of companies don't track their print costs.

For every 100 members of staff, the average organisation generates over 1 million pages of output per year - over 100 trees.

Benefits of a DMC Canotec Solution

Control Print Output

Easy to use machines designed to produce great prints at any scale, while providing clear volume and cost measurements.

Never Stop Running

Never run out of toner or materials again with DMC Canotec’s automated supplies replenishment service.

Reduce Down Time

Preventative maintenance and proactive care delivers a high rate of first-time fix and a 99.8% device uptime.

Simplify Security

Employ all-in-one key card authentication, to release print jobs from devices as well as provide access to buildings.

Increase Monitoring

Allocate costs against account or customer with accurate reporting and raise internal print cost awareness & ownership.

Exercise Control

Release print jobs from devices with a variety of authentication options & automatically direct documents to destinations.

Remotely Access Files

Swiftly and securely retrieve documents from a centralised storage location while at client meetings or working remotely.

Streamline Processes

Effortlessly make edits to files in real time on the cloud and efficiently funnel documents through necessary processes.

Scale Up With Ease

Incorporate modular systems, devices and software that are ready for rapid growth when the time is right. 

Understand & optimise your organisation’s printing, document processing & information management habits.

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