Streamlined Print for The Cambian Group


Streamlined Print for The Cambian Group

The Cambian Group are Healthcare providers, specialising in Patients with acute Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. In addition to their Hammersmith based Head Office, they operate specialist residential schools and hospitals throughout the UK, together with residential ‘rehabilitation’ homes. They have large numbers of staff as the ratio to patients is necessarily high. The Staff are a mix of Clinical Specialists, Doctors, Nursing Staff and Administrators and there is a need for extensive record-keeping at every location.

The Challenge

Cambian had a disparate number of Suppliers for Print Copy and Scan devices accumulated over a number of years.

The print fleet increased as the Group grew, acquiring new schools and hospitals. The Cambain Group was looking to streamline their operation and standardise the products that were used.

Print costs were unmeasured and the business struggled to keep costs under control. In addition to this the toner ordering process was beginning to become extremely labour intensive.

It was required for the Group to maintain a single point of contact for all Service and Support throughout the UK as it was realised that this could potentially save time and money for their IT Department, improve facilities for Staff and would help them to better support their growth plans for the future.

The Group also recognised that the 400+ Desktop Printers being used across their numerous locations were likely to be a costly and wasteful way of printing.

The Solution

DMC Canotec conducted a full cost http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/phentermine analysis and site audit for The Cambian Group and approached the solution following the set objectives.

DMC Canotec provided reliable printing, copying and scanning facilities across all the Groups locations, with standardised costs nationwide. The existing 400 machines have now been replaced with just 55 Multifunctional Devices. DMC Canotec provide The Cambian Group with a full support contract with National coverage for all devices.

This Service provision is pro-active, identifying faults before they become disruptive. Cambian have benefitted from DMC Canotec’s own 3D Print View software and bespoke portal providing visability over usage and wastage as well as automatic service calls and toner ordering.

The new fleet is integrated with Cambian’s existing systems and processes, including compliance with their IT and Healthcare policy.

Drivers For Change


  • Group was growing in size
  • 400+ Desktop devices
  • No visibility over print costs or volumes
  • Labour intensive consumable ordering process
  • Numerous device manufacturers

The Benefits


  • Staff take ownership of printing
  • Easily accessible print analysis through online portal
  • Savings of over £100,000
  • Full service level agreement
  • Automatic consumable ordering
  • Automatic service calls

The Future

DMC Canotec continue to work with The Cambian Group, making changes to improve the organisation’s print processes.

There is still work to be done for the Group based on the results of the Print Audit. An ongoing project is to look further at reducing stand-alone printer costs, particularly within their schools.

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