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Important Service Update

While we continue to provide a full range of services for our clients, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff. Consequently, our field-based engineering team are following appropriate safety procedures, potentially resulting in a slightly altered service capability for some of our customers.

Find out how we're helping you minimise risk to staff, your most important assets, on our Device Touchpoint Safety Measures page.

If you wish to log a service call please continue.

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Did you know you can also log support calls and order replacement toners via your customer portal?

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Frequently asked questions

Look below for answers to our customers’ most common questions.

There are lines on my photocopies. What should I do?

Wipe the platen (or ‘photocopying glass’) with a warm, damp cloth, including the small slit of glass on the device’s far left-hand side.

There are lines on my printouts. What should I do?

Your drum unit may need to be replaced. Please contact our Customer Service team to log a call using the form below.

How do I use the Multi-Purpose tray for all of my photocopies and/or printouts?

First, load your paper into the multi-purpose tray, adjusting the guides for a snug fit.

The device’s touch screen will next prompt you to select your ‘Paper Type’. Press ‘OK’ to confirm.

Also, be sure to select your preferred input tray from the ‘Paper Source’ tab before pressing ‘Print’.

My device says that it has no paper, but its trays are full. How do I fix this?

Your PC and device might be confused as to the size of paper you’re using.

Select ‘Status Monitor’ to review the status of your print job; you’ll be prompted to confirm your preferred input tray.

Once you’ve selected a tray, the job should print.

Will we receive email alerts when toner has been automatically ordered?

No, but you can setup a notification from the KPAX page on your Customer Portal to alert you when a toner needs changing.

Order replacement toners

Did you know you can also order replacement toners via your customer portal?

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To assist our Service team, please download our TeamView Quick support app.

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