The Agile Law Firm – Survival of the fittest?

The Agile Law Firm – Survival of the fittest?

When it comes to business in the legal sector, it’s survival of the fittest…right?


Well that’s not quite true according to The Agile Law Firm event’s chairman, Duncan Eadie (Foot Anstey LLP). Adapting a well-known Darwin quote, Eadie explained…


“It’s not the strongest law firms that survive, nor the ones with the most intelligent lawyers, but the ones most responsive to change.”

Another sell out Agile Law Forum hosted once more by Agile Document Workflow providers DMC Canotec and Agile Workspace designers, Claremont, lived up to expectations delivering valuable insight at this unique and popular roundtable event.  The 40 invited guests, representing some of the UK’s most visionary, dynamic firms shared best practice and advice on embracing “agile” workflow and workspaces.

Guest speakers from law firms included Foot Anstey LLP, Gowling WLG (UK) LLP & RPC, each on their own journey to implementing and leveraging the benefits of agile working. All 3 firms shared their first hand experiences of embracing and implementing agile. A key theme that seemed to resonate across all presentations and subsequent round table conversations was the importance of engagement and communication – Change Management.

Many of the speakers raised issues and offered practical tips for changing the mind-set of individuals along with the culture of the firm as a whole, something that is a challenge in a historically change resistant sector. As with all aspects of change, businesses will always encounter resistance, however it is how this resistance is dealt with that determines the success or failure of the project.

With this in mind, DMC Canotec co-founder and Head of Legal, http://www.texasgoldengirl.com/tadalafil/ David Newman presented the Legal Team’s Change Management Top Tips for bringing others with you on the journey to deliver smooth change and measurable improvement.


“I don’t think there is a single law firm in the world that can tick every box that was discussed and say yes, we are changing all of these things, it’s about choice and moving from “one size fits all” to a whole spectrum of change options…”

Chris Bull

Executive Director, Kingsmead Square

Guests of the event then had an opportunity to explore the Agile Technology Expo- a showcase of some of the most Agile Technology deliverable today to enable more mobile, collaborative and effective workflow and communication. DMC Canotec’s Agile Partners were on hand to offer practical audience, insight and demonstrations including Nikec, Nuance, PaperRiver CounterHack, Kutana, NetDocuments, Zylpha and Hobs on site.

The event highlighted a desire for an Agile Community, bringing together the interests and aspirations of multiple stakeholders within a firm to embrace change and transform operational efficiency.  It was agreed the event worked really well because it brought together these multiple stakeholders to share and compare…Managing Partners, CTOs, COOs, CIOs, IT and Facilities Directors in a small, round table format to hear not just from technology experts, but also from their peers in other visionary and evolving law firms who share a passion to work smarter and deliver more effective and enhanced legal services for their customers.

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