Unified Print Fleet for Nelson Health


Unified Print Fleet for Nelson Health

The Nelson Health Centre is a new NHS facility in Merton providing integrated care for the local community.


With over 100 staff the centre allows patients to be seen, diagnosed and treated in a convenient place close to home. Nelson Health Centre consists of two merged GP practices (Cannon Hill and Church Lane), outpatient clinics, facilities for X-Rays, ultrasounds and blood tests as well as a range of other services.

The challenge

As a new set-up, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were looking for better ways to deliver a good managed print service solution that would free up more time for staff to carry out their daily duties.

The challenge came from the NHS’s IT department, the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU). CSU provide free of charge printers to NHS surgeries for the printing of general documents and prescriptions. However the sourcing and purchasing of consumables for these devices is down to the individual surgery.

The existing practices faced high consumable costs and did not have the infrastructure to cope with issues with failed devices. The CSU provided poor service support whereby faulty printers could take a number of weeks to be serviced.

Within the healthcare industry where efficiency is key, the existing processes were proving to have huge effects on clinic’s performance levels, ultimately impacting on the patients.

The solution

The DMC Canotec Group rolled out both a workflow and print audit on site, which involved engaging with the users in each department to establish an understanding as to what was being printed and why.

An existing service contract with the DMC Canotec was already in place for all of the printers and Multi Functional Devices for the Church Lane Practice. The practice had a service agreement in place to cover all parts, toner and labour.

It was tendered by the DMC Canotec to provide the centre with new serviced devices, enabled with uniFLOW software to control http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/amoxil print and allow automatic toner ordering. All devices were also implemented with the ability to print prescriptions.

Having one supplier to cater for all their printing and scanning requirements was a key factor for Nelson Health Centre. The DMC Group had proven experience working with GP Surgeries and were fully aware of the headaches they faced.

Other Canon resellers were unable to offer the NHS a complete service from MFD’s to scanners. Having also successfully worked with the CSU, DMC Canotec have a good understanding of the programmes that GP surgeries use as well as how to comply with their regulations.

Drivers for Change

  • Mixed fleet of devices
  • Time consuming order process
  • No visibility over print costs or volumes
  • Need for a single print supplier and unified fleet
  • Poor service level
  • Ability to print prescriptions

The Benefit

  • Unified print devices
  • Configured with Uniflow
  • Visibility over print costs
  • Savings of 20-30%
  • Automatic meter readings & toner ordering
  • Bespoke online portal

The new building provided the opportunity for us to adopt a more effective way for print services to be delivered to all users.

We received a strong reference for the quality of service provided by DMC Canotec and having researched the market they were also proven to be competitive on price.

The first benefit that was realised was a stress free implementation of print services with all printers being installed, configured and made operational in a short timescale… I would like to place on record my appreciation of the work done by the DMC Canotec Group.

IT Project Manager, Nelson Health Centre

The future

DMC Canotec are currently looking to further improve Kinson Primary School’s print efficiency.

It is hoped in the coming months to provide the school with Papercut software which will allow for Follow-Me Print, allowing users to print from any device within the school. This will also reduce wastage and give visibility over usage.

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