Unified Work Flows for Roehampton Club


Unified Work Flows for Roehampton Club

Roehampton Club is London’s premier multi-sports, exclusive members club. Facilities include an 18 hole golf course, 30 tennis courts and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The Club serves over 5,000 members with around 60 staff.

The Challenge

Roehampton Club’s existing range of print and scanning devices was unmanaged and comprised of multiple manufacturers and models.

As a result, the Club required stock of various toners, inks and other consumables. Due to the fact that the print fleet was unmanaged, the ordering of these consumables was proving to be not only expensive but extremely time consuming.

The Club’s devices had no capacity for accountability by department or member, this was a necessary requirement of Roehampton as they desired control and visibility over their print costs.

When items were printed within the club, there was little in place to prevent other staff from collecting them from the printers, this lack of security was becoming an ever increasing concern for the Club.

“The new print solution installed by DMC Canotec will reduce our printing costs by up to 20% per year by reducing wastage and making sure that staff only print what is absolutely necessary.” Marc Newey, Chief Executive, Roehampton Club

The Solution

DMC Canotec installed two new multifunctional devices (MFD’s) plus six desktop printers into Roehampton Club, complete with simple to use security software for both print and scan functions.

All users now require use of an electronic fob at the device before the print job is released. This allows Club members and staff to use the devices for sensitive documents without risk of data leakage.

Mobile Print software has also been installed, giving users the ability to print from mobile and tablet devices from anywhere within the Club’s grounds.

The Members Club’s fully managed print fleet now gives full visibility over print costs with accountability for each individual member. Roehampton Club also benefits from automatic consumable ordering, saving staff significant time and money as there is now no need to source or purchase consumables for their devices.

Following implementation, Roehampton Club will now feel quantified savings of £45,000 over a 5 year period.

“We are now able to track all printing costs across all departments and offer our members a print solution which is quick and simple for them to use. So all in all, very pleased with the changes made by DMC Canotec” Marc Newey, Chief Executive, Roehampton Club

Drivers for Change

  • Unmanaged print devices, unreliable equipment.
  • Expensive running costs through laser printers.
  • Tedious consumable ordering, different devices, different parts and toners.
  • Lack of visibility over device usage, no idea of current running costs.
  • No accountability for members/ staff, wastage from printing.
  • Security risks, sensitive data often left lying around.

The Benefit

  • Reduced costs on new HP single function printers
  • Fully Managed Print Devices- All devices on one service agreement.
  • Quantified savings of £45, 000 through more efficient technology.
  • Secure Printing and Scanning protects valuable information getting into the wrong hands.
  • Visibility over printing costs.
  • Staff now taking responsibility for their printing costs.
  • Mobile Printing offers a new service for members and guests.
  • Automatic toner ordering saves time.

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